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Chapter 119 You are more delicious than dinner

The two returned to Jinxiu Apartment, just in time for the morning meal.

 Gu Weiwei went back to the room after lunch and slept for two hours. After waking up, she continued to read the book.

 Fu Shi Yi played the afternoon game frantically, and waited for Fu Shiqin to come back from work, and dragged him to play together.

Because Fu Hanxi went to participate in the entertainment, so they were three people, and they made a hot pot.

The three were eating happily. Xu Qian called and Fu Shiqin picked up and handed the phone to Gu Weiwei after listening to two sentences.

“I don’t know, you ask her (bang).”

 Gu Weiwei took the phone strangely, “Mr. Xu, what?”

“CEO Fu seems to have a stomach ailment and wants to ask if there is any stomach medicine at home.” Xu Qian said.

“The last time I bought it.” Gu Weiwei finished, and asked, “Is it serious?”

“The work was busy these days, the diet was not very good, I didn’t eat much at noon, and I was on an empty stomach to participate in social entertainment. It’s a bit uncomfortable.”

 Gu Weiwei frowned, and she knew that he had been working late.

I didn’t expect that even eating during the day was not on time. It is no wonder that from time to time, I was suffering from stomach problems.

“How long will you be back?”

“After an hour, you can go back.” Xu Qian estimated.

 Gu Weiwei hung up the phone and screamed at Fu Shiqin, who was mad at the head.

“Why are you at the company, don’t you urge your brother to eat on time?”

“His workaholic, I sent him the table for the meal. He was too busy to forget to eat and blame me. Do you want me to feed?” Fu Shiqin is embarrassed.

 Fu group is a big business, and his brother is too busy to forget to eat. It is a common thing.

The key, he and Xu Qian how to persuade, he did not listen.

“At this time, of course, you want this girlfriend to play a role.” Fu Shi Yi drank a drink and smiled with a smile.

 Gu Weiwei was too lazy to take care of the two words, put down the chopsticks and got up to the refrigerator, found some vegetables and went to the kitchen.

 Xu Qian said that he didn’t eat much at lunch and dinner, but he couldn’t eat it.

Now that the servant is gone, she can only help him prepare for dinner.

An hour later, Xu Qian sent Fu Hanxi back, and there were a bunch of documents that he needed to process at night.

 Xu Qian yelled at her before leaving. “Miss Weiwei, you have to give the medicine to CEO Fu.”

 Gu Weiwei nodded, poured a cup of hot water and took the medicine and knocked on the study door.

“Come in.”

 Gu Weiwei opened the door and saw that he was starting to work again and kneel down.

“Your stomach medicine.”

  Fu Hanxi took the medicine and saw her unpleasant look and raised her eyebrows.

“Not happy?”

“Boiled porridge, do you want to eat?”

  Fu Hanxi loosened the tie and continued to work at the desk.

“I have a few urgent documents to deal with, you have to rest early.”

“I cooked for an hour.” Gu Weiwei said with a flat face.

  Fu Hanxi looked at her sideways, but she smiled and closed the file and got up.

“Suddenly a little hungry.”

 Gu Weiwei has porridge and puts the pumpkin on the table.

“Yam porridge and pumpkin are all stomach-raising.”

  Fu Hanxi glanced at the stomach porridge in front of him, and the beautiful lips evoked the arc.

“You…laugh?” Gu Weiwei looked at him strangely, usually cold and serious, and suddenly laughed a little bit uncomfortable.

“I am happy, my girlfriend finally knows to care about me.”

“When did I not… care about you?” Halfway through, she was also guilty.

Because… she really didn’t care about him.

  Fu Hanxi laughed and said nothing, and tasted the soft stomach of the stomach porridge, and the busy days were exhausted.

“Time hastily, I prepared these. What else do you want to eat?” Gu Weiwei asked.

Last time she came to her aunt, he sent her to school a few days, picked her up from school and took care of her for several days.

Today, it is time to return his human feelings.

  Fu Hanxi looked up at the girl who was concerned and nodded.


“What?” Gu Weiwei asked.

  Fu Hanxi smiled and said.


She looks more delicious than the dinner she prepared.

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