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Chapter 121 God assists female deity

In the middle of the night, Fu Hanxi finished his work and came out of the study.

Only then found that she actually lay on the sofa and fell asleep.

Carefully took the person back to the room, and then returned to his room to get the pajamas to change.

As soon as he opened the door, he saw that Fu Shiqin was sitting on his bed and playing the game in spirit.

Fu Shiyi saw him coming in, didn’t take up the shackles of his room, and smiled.

“big brother, do you have to thank me for making such a good opportunity for you?”

  Fu Hanxi took the clothes and said with a blank expression.

“The next is not an example.”

“So Ah, you have to drive Fu Lao Er away, this product will not do anything except as a light bulb.” FuShiyi put down his mobile phone and patted his chest proudly.

“But your three younger brothers are different. I have a god assisted female deity. You have a chance to have a soft and warm fragrance every day.”

  Fu Hanxi gave him a squint. “Are you busy?”

“Big brother, two months later, the scorpion will enter the group to shoot the film. After the filming is a variety of propaganda notices, do you think that you can still see it every day?” FuShiyi kindly reminded.

  Fu Hanxi took the clothes and left, leaving the door to the next sentence.

“Your pile of stuff, in the underground warehouse.”

“Oh, I know, you are my pro big brother.” FuShiyi jumped out of bed excitedly, ready to go to the warehouse to get back the long-lost babies.

Because he left the company to run, he confiscated the sports car he had collected, and the game company he opened gave Fu Xiaoer.

He thought that those babies would never come back.

  Fu Hanxi finished washing, changed his pajamas, and lay down on GuWeiwei’s bed.

Bowing down on the forehead of the sleeping girl, she gently kisses her, and then she closes her eyes to sleep.

 GuWeiwei slept so hard that she didn’t know that she had been moved back to the bed from the sofa, and she dreamed of dawn.

  Fu Hanxi always got up early, but woke up today but didn’t get up.

Instead, lying on one side with one hand on his head, his eyes softly watching the still sleeping girl.

After a while, the alarm clock on the bed was ringing.

 GuWeiwei squinted and pressed the alarm clock, but stumbled to Fu Hanxi.

I reached out and pressed the alarm clock, squinting at the beautiful man who was pressed against me, and then annoyed with a bitter face.

“ Ah, why are you coming to my dream again?”

  Fu Hanxi raised her eyebrows, it turned out… she had dreamt of him.

He reached out and rubbed her hair and snorted.

“What did you dream of?”

“Dream…” GuWeiwei fell to his chest and was still thinking, the door was ringed by FuShiqin.

“big brother, no longer, I will be late!”

 GuWeiwei slammed into the air and looked up at the lazy and sexy man.

Dry smile and rolled to the side, climbed out of bed and put on slippers.

She clearly remembers that she slept on the sofa last night, and she went to bed again.

  Fu Hanxi got up and stopped, reminding, “Come and change clothes for breakfast, you can’t get to school soon.”

Finished, closed the door and left.

“big brother, it will be…” FuShiqin watched him come out and rushed while eating breakfast.

When the words were not finished, he was glanced at his own big brother and scared him to steam the dumplings.

How does he feel that his big brother sees his murderous aura in his wink?

 GuWeiwei changed clothes, rushed into the bathroom and quickly washed it. When I took the bag, I couldn’t eat it and ran.

  Fu Hanxi came out and ate breakfast and was ready to go out. The maid, Wang Hao, came over with a lunch box.

“The young master, Miss Mu let you take this with you.”

 FuShiqin took over and opened the lunch box and looked at it. The lower layer was yam porridge, the upper layer was fried thick egg rolls and some stomach-salted vegetables, and there was a box of stomach medicine on the box.

“When did she do it?”

“It should have been done last night, and you can take it to the company to heat it at noon. You can just send me a text message and I will see it.”

  Fu Hanxi blinked FuShiqin and warned.

“Get it, don’t allow it.”

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