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Chapter 122 The love of a girlfriend’s love

At noon, hurry up.

  Fu Hanxi is still in a meeting with a group of executives to agree on several major project plans after working with the Weir Group.

Although, they are is hungry and dizzy, no one can dare to scream.

Until Fu Hanxi’s cell phone rang, he signaled that the meeting was suspended and picked up the phone.

“I prepare something to eat last night. did you take it with you in the morning?”

“En, bring it.” Fu Hanxi replied warmly.

A group of executives who had just breathed a sigh of relief looked at the boss who answered the phone in horror.

The meeting was just like a frost, and the face of the phone changed, and the voice of the voice changed.

This gentleness, like the tone of the March spring, is simply different from the voice of the meeting just now.

Is it the mysterious girlfriend of the legendary president just called?


“Did you eat it?” Gu Weiwei asked, she just didn’t feel relieved, she called and asked.

“… eat it right away.” Fu Hanxi has some guilty conscience.

“There are stomach medicines, and also remember to eat again.” Gu Weiwei said.

Sure enough, no one reminded him that he forgot to eat and take medicine.

“Oke.” Fu Hanxi smiled and asked, “Come on, have you eaten?”

“I am eating.” Gu Weiwei said, and said it again. “Now, whatever you are doing, eat the medicine and the rice first.”

“Know it, go home early in the afternoon.” Fu Hanxi smiled and hung up.

A group of executives stupidly looked at the president who never smiled, smiled sweetly, and couldn’t believe his eyes.

  Fu Hanxi looked at the time. “First eat lunch, continue after half an hour.”

Because the rest time is short, the lunches are sent directly to the office by the assistants, so that they can finish the meeting as soon as possible.

Everyone was hungry and couldn’t wait to open the lunch box and start eating.

Xu Qian came in with a paper bag and placed a pink hello kitty lunch box and a box of stomach medicine in front of Fu Hanxi.

“Boss, your lunch, and stomach medicine.”

  Fu Hanxi nodded and drank the stomach medicine before opening the lunch box.

A few Bento boxes are a piece of orange yam porridge, a fried vegetable, a steamed pumpkin, and a few cute rice balls.

A group of executives dumbstruck looked at his lunch, a hand shaking with a braised meatball, and the balls rolled onto the table.

Is this a… children’s meal?

In the audience, only Fu Shiqin is not strange, burying his head and eating, he is too lazy to take a look.

“Second young master, the president, what is he eating…” the director on the side of Fu Shiqin asked inquisitively.

“Lunch Ah.”

“I know it’s lunch, where did it come from?” The director’s eyes were still staring at the exquisite lunch.

Fu Shiqin swallowed a meal and glanced.

“Girlfriend’s Love Bento.”

The director and several senior executives on the side suddenly realized that it is no wonder that the president is in a good mood today.

In the morning meeting, there were loopholes in the three plans. He did not get angry. He only pointed out that the problem requires redoing, and it is simply unbelievable.

So the director pulled La Fuqqin and proposed.

“Second young master, for everyone to have a good life, you tell the president’s girlfriend give him love bento every day.”

As long as Big BOSS is in a good mood every day, they will have a good day like today.

Several people are taking advantage of the good life of the future, and the door of the conference room has been pushed open.

MengRuya, a white custom-made business suit, came in with a heat-insulating bucket. He walked around Fu Hanxi. “CEO Fu, my aunt taught me your favorite soup. You can taste it.”

Said, but also directly took off Fu Hanxi ate porridge.

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