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Chapter 123 Girlfriend’s Love Bento 2

In an instant, Fu Hanxi’s face was covered with frost.

“Put it down.”

The sound is very sharp like ice, making people tremble with fear.

 Meng Ruya stunned, She doesn’t know if it was intentional or not, and the hand trembled and the bowl of porridge fell to the ground (from Weiwei)

  Fu Hanxi slowly sideways, looked at the porridge that had been scattered all over the place, and the face was so cold that the entire conference room was instantly shrouded by low cold air pressure.

However, Meng Ruya did not realize the seriousness of the matter.

She picked up the lunch box and put it on the table, and opened the insulated bucket from the ground.

“You have been busy with work recently. There is no nutrition in eating such porridge. Aunt Fu said that you haven’t returned to the old house recently, and especially taught me her soup.”

“You can taste it, but it may not be as good as Aunt’s.”


  Fu Hanxi didn’t look at the soup that was placed in front of him, suppressing the anger.

“Take your things and go out!”

 Meng Ruya Previously knows Fu Hanxi refused to help because of MG’s business. She could only pay a large sum of money from her own money.

Now, of course, she must spare more effort to improve the relationship between the two.

for “Mrs. Fu” position, she tried so hard for many years, how could be willing to back down now.

“CEO Fu, this soup has been simmered for several hours, and it is always more nutritious than that (Weiwei bento). If you refused to eat mine, I will tell it Fu aunt.”

 Fu Hanxi’s face has already reached the extreme annoyed, and the executives who haven’t eaten yet are afraid to eat.

This Meng Ruya, deliberately kills them Ah.

Finally, the president is very happy because of his girlfriend’s Bento porridge love.

She ran to destroy the porridge. the project planning meeting in the afternoon do they still have to finish it?

Meng Ruya stood there and only felt that Fu Hanxi was very upset, but did not feel that it was a big deal to scatter a bowl of porridge.

“If you like porridge, I will send it to the porridge tomorrow, so don’t eat the nutritious porridge.”

FuvShiqin saw that the situation was wrong and informed Xu Qian to come in and clean up the mess.

Xu Qian came in and take the soup from Meng Ruya into the insulated bucket, and said with a lid.

“Manager Meng, please go out.”

  Fu Hanxi whispered, “Send the bucket to the guard patrol and eat it for the patrol dog.”

“CEO Fu, it is just for a bowl of porridge…” Meng Ruya’s face changed.

She already busy prepare it from the sun was not bright (dawn), to make a soup for lunch.

He didn’t appreciate it, but he also humiliated her in the presence of a group of company executives.

The director of the planning department rushed to Xu Qian to wink, let him take people out quickly.

What is a bowl of porridge?

Is that ordinary porridge?

That is the Big BOSS girlfriend’s personally made, full of love stomach porridge, is an artifact that allows them to train less…

“And, apart from the work, I don’t want to see Manager Meng appear on this floor again.” Fu Hanxi screamed in silence, no mercy.

 Meng Ruya cried out of the conference room and saw that Xu Qian had given the soup to the assistant, and sent it to the security guard to feed the dog.

“Manager Meng, the president’s words, you also heard, don’t make it difficult for everyone to do.”

Meng Ruya was so angry that she walked into the elevator and watched that the lunch box that can’t even be called a meal.

Is it… from that woman?

Before, the company had gossips that Fu Hanxi buy a ring to propose to a woman.

MG trouble recently because she did not spare some time, it seems to have to find out the damn small bitch.

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