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Chapter 124 Come back to eat dog food

It was no surprise that the meeting room was darkened throughout the afternoon.

The executives at the meeting were all nervous, with this atmosphere no one dares to make a sound.

In the morning, the “good” president was gone, and he changed back to the cold and harsh work madman, and they were so devastated.

Therefore, Meng Ruya, who has completely destroyed the good mood of the president, has hated it all over.

It was until seven o’clock in the evening that Fu Hanxi’s cell phone rang again.

He finished speaking and picked up his mobile phone and looked at it.

[Do you have apointment dinner at night, or go home for dinner? ]

He quickly returned one: [go home. After a minute, the other party came back again: [Let’s eat noodles at night, noodles to nourish the stomach. ]

Fu Hanxi’s chilly thin lips, holding a gentle smile.

[OK, you decide. ]

A group of executives saw him laughing, and he felt that the Buddha’s light was shining and he was moved to tears.

Fu Shiqin turned a big white eye and secretly spit it out: the man in love, changes his face is really fast.

The meeting held until eight o’clock, Fu Hanxi announced the meeting, and did not ask them to work overtime to modify the plan.

Xu Qian checked the itinerary and reminded him, “The boss, half an hour later, there is a dinner with the SV Group…”

Fu Hanxi blinked at Fu Shiqin, “He goes.”

He promised that she would go back to dinner, and he promised that he would not drink alcohol recently. Of course, there is no way to go to such banquet

Fu Shiqin took Xu Qian to attend the dinner party on his behalf, and he left the work first.

Just returned to the Jinxiu Apartment, the car just happened to meet Fu Shiyi who finished the advertisement and returned.

Fu Shiyi saw his brother coming into the elevator with a bunch of roses, and couldn’t help but pump.

In the end, he came back to give him an assist, or he came back to eat dog food. (Public affection)

Fu Hanxi advanced home, walked to the living room to see the girl who was sitting on the sofa reading a book to review her homework.

Quietly approached and handed the flowers to her.

“Thank you for your lunch today.”

Gu Weiwei look up and took the flower and said.

“Thank you, but don’t buy it later, I don’t really like roses.”

She is going to break up one day it only brings a headache that he shows that he really fall in love.

Fu Hanxi frowns, she remembers that she used to love roses.

“What do you like?”

Gu Weiwei thought about it and said, “Wisteria flowers, that in opens a large piece.”

this flower if she don’t like it, he will never be able to buy it again.

After that, he took the flowers and went to find the vases and put them in the living room to decorate.

“Hey, this is the wisteria flower. The flower language is your attachment to you. It is my happiest moment.” Fu Shiyi searched the picture of the wisteria flower and handed it to her brother.

“However, the flower shop does not sell this flower.”

Fu Hanxi was silent for a while, and when the phone rang, he went straight to the study to answer the phone.

When he got out of the phone, Gu Weiwei had already Gu Weiwei has cooked noodles, and went to the dining room.

Because the maid had already stewed the noodles and the broth in the afternoon, she only needed to do the next one, and it was finished in a few minutes.

Fu Shiyi added a spoonful of pepper to the bowl and said while eating.

“My brother’s body, you should give him good care for health. In the past few years, He has said that his stomach is not good, his liver is not good, his kidney is not good…”

When he didn’t finish saying it, he was glanced at Fu Hanxi and immediately changed my mouth.

“No, the kidneys are still good, anyway, it is not very good.”

Ok, man, can’t say that the kidney is not good.

Gu Weiwei looked suspiciously at Fu Hanxi, is his body so bad?

However, many days after this, BOSS First young master Fu wished to eat a long-term love lunch.

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