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Chapter 125 Extra Large Luxury Dog Food

After dinner, Fu Hanxi took a call and went back to the study. He was too busy to come out.

Gu Weiwei prepared him a stomach-care lunch for the next day, and went back to the room and read a book for a while.

Early in the morning, it is rare for four people to get up early.

They ate breakfast together and went down to work to go to work, going to school.

Gu Weiwei went to the school because she had to go out for a ride, so she didn’t go to the garage with them but, went through the community garden to the bus station.

As soon as she walked out of the apartment building, she was shocked by the wisteria flower filled the park.

I came back from school yesterday afternoon, and the garden is not like Ah.

Is this whether she is awake in her dreams, or is it…

She stood under the wisteria flower stand and turned to look at the elegant and laughing man behind.

“This one……”

“Like?” Fu Hanxi approached and asked with a chuckle.

Fu Shiqin and Fu Shiyi are also preparing to go out, watching their brothers not go to the car, but go out with Gu Weiwei, curious to follow.

Seeing the garden that changed overnight, the two looked at each other and felt distressed for one second.

This is a garden, for them, it is simply a basin of extra large luxury dog ​​food.

“I said that he threw a bunch of live work to me last night, which made me catch up all night. I was alone in the study room and the commander was doing it in the middle of the night…” Fu Shiqin was so angry that he wanted to cry.

Because he commanded someone to rebuild a broken garden, it made him work overtime for an overnight.

Now, he is also showing public love affection in front of him.

Fu Shiyi looked at his face and hummed with gloom

“aw, the cold dog food gets a slap on the face, the warm tears and the dog food are mixed together…”

It seems that their cool and serious Big Brother is active, sister-in-law talent is excelent.


Gu Weiwei looks at the long wisteria garland corridor, how complex and complicated the expression is.

She said that she likes wisteria flowers because she is not allowed to buy flowers again. It is not to let him plant a piece of wisteria out of the downstairs garden Ah.

“One night, you are not afraid of disturbing people Ah.”

“Reassured, this building only has us.” Fu Shiyi immediately explained for their own brother.

Where they are going to live, how is it possible to let someone live.

Fu Hanxi asked stubbornly again, “Like?”

Gu Weiwei looked up and saw a bunch of purple wisteria flowers in the purple frame on the flower stand.


He has done this, she dare not say it?

Fu Hanxi reached out and folded a bunch of flowers into her hands.

“You like it.”

Fu Shiyi sees it and starts to squat.

“I like to kiss Ah.”

Gu Weiwei blushes, “That…it’s late, let’s go.”

  Fu Hanxi sighed a little and sighed as if he had suffered something.

“Your boyfriend is busy preparing gifts for you one night. Are you sure you don’t give a reward kiss?”

Fu Shiqin on the side turned to the sky, Ah, you are busy for one night, let me add a night shift for you.

Have you considered the feeling of my brother?

Gu Weiwei looked at the man who bowed slightly and wanted to ask for a reward, and his cheeks became more red and hot.

However, she looked around and saw that the Fu Shiqin- Fu Shiyi were staring at this side, and she felt were even more degraded.

Fu Hanxi squinted faintly, Fu Shiyi turned very smugly, and forced Fu Shiqin, who was ignorant, to turn around.

“We won’t see it, you kiss it quickly, and you won’t be late.”

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