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Chapter 128 All give me to the teaching office.

Sure enough, after the afternoon, Gu Weiwei went out of school, and the yellow-haired girl stopped her with someone.

“Let you leave school, don’t you go, what are you running?”

 JiCheng and LuoQianqian looked bad and looked at each other and asked.

“Weiwei, who are they Ah?”

However, from the last time kidnapping Mu weiwei know the value of force, they are completely worried.

“I don’t know.” GuWeiwei said.

“You don’t know me, you recognize rank 5 Cheng Hao, seduce my little sister boyfriend, do you have shame?” The yellow-haired girl was fierce and cold.

Luo Qianqian thought about it and whispered.

“I remembered that one of the love letters that you let me throw away was written by Cheng Hao.”

The schoolboys stuffed so many letters into the Mu Weiwei desk every day that she had never seen one and grabbed a wool boyfriend.

Besides, Class 5 Cheng Hao is not the same as the cousin of her game.

The yellow-haired girl heard it and said something bad.

“If you are not show off everywhere, will those boys be seduce by you?”

Now, the boys in the school that still in the school forum title her as “the most beautiful school flowers.”

Gu Weiwei stopped Ji Cheng, who wanted to rush to fight and handed the bag to Lu oQianqian. She whispered something and turned her head.

“It’s not convenient to talk here. I’m going to find a quiet place with them.”

Ji Cheng saw that she was following a group of people and wanted to keep up with Luo Qianqian.

Gu Weiwei followed a group of people to the secluded woods, and another girl walked out and stood on the side of the yellow-haired girl, arrogantly said.

“ Mu Weiwei, I want you to apologize to me.”

“Why?” GuWeiwei squinted.

“You seduce my boyfriend, don’t you apologize?” The girl was angry and rushed to lick her hair.

Gu Weiwei sideways, let’s take a light glance at the foot, the girl couldn’t help but hit directly to the tree, and get nosebleed on the spot.

The girl groaned with a swollen nose and mouth and angered.

“Do you dare to hit me?”

The yellow-haired tall girl looked at her sister’s injury and reached out to her face.

However, Gu Weiwei has also avoided it lightly.

The moment of avoiding kicked her knees, the yellow-haired girl was unstable, and she threw herself down on the ground.

The yellow-haired girl was furious and got up and pulled out a knife directly from her trouser pocket.

“You don’t rely on that face to seduce people, wait until you ruin your face. I see what else you are proud of.”

Gu Weiwei took two steps and the yellow-haired girl immediately shouted at her companion.

“Take her to me.”

The first one who asked her to kneel and apologize rushed forward and grabbed her arm. Several other girls followed me and grabbed her.

The yellow-haired girl gritted her teeth and approached the knife. At the moment the knife fell, Gu Weiwei suddenly broke off a few people.

The knife didn’t reach her face, but she cut it on the girl’s arm.

The sharp blade cut through the clothes and saw blood on the spot.

The yellow-haired girl looked at it and panicked and dropped the knife.

At this moment, the teaching director Liu Jin rushed from the corner.

“What are you doing?”

Come with Liu Jin, and Zhu Xiaoqin and two girls, pointing to GuWeiwei.

“Director Liu, we just saw Mu Weiwei fighting with people!”

Liu Jin listened and glanced at Gu Weiwei sternly.

“ Mu Weiwei, and a few of you, all follow me to the teaching office!”


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