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Chapter 129 Can a boyfriend be a parent?

The injured student went to the infirmary and Gu Weiwei and several other female students were called to the teaching office.

Liu Jin didn’t ask indiscriminately, and smacked with his first.

“Mu Weiwei, the school is the place to learn, not the place where you fight with people.”

“Now, with a knife to hurt people, immediately bring your parents to me.”


“The knife is not mine, it is not me who use it.” Gu Weiwei said with a cold face.

The yellow-haired girl and several companions said in unison.

“It is obviously you, you still don’t admit, take away Chen Ying’s boyfriend and don’t say it, but also beat people.”

“I beat the eight of you alone, you really look me to high.”GuWeiwei snickered.

“Director Liu, the person who beats is Mu Weiwei, just Zhu Xiaoqin went to see you, I have been watching nearby.” A girl with Zhu Xiaoqin stood up and identified.

Gu Weiwei sighed silently, this is to give her a big black pot Ah.

“You said that you didn’t have it, but so many students have said that you are hurting people, are you still dying?” Liu Jin slammed the table.

“I didn’t do it.” GuWeiwei said calmly.

I am just a foot out.

“Don’t say so much, call your parents, write a review for me now, don’t even want to go back if you don’t finish it.” Liu Jin did not believe her words.

Under the approval of a group of people, it was completely determined that she was hurting her.

 Zhu Xiaoqin saw it and smiled smugly on the side.

The previous two times were so sad that Linna, now everyone has identified her fighting, and the Li family has invested in several school buildings, as long as Lina’s aunt greets me.

Gu Weiwei She has to remember that even if she doesn’t dismiss it, the admission of Imperial Film Academy is very strict. Apart from the scores of art test and the score of culture class, students have a big mistake in middle school and they will not accept it.

Luo Qianqian and Ji Cheng came together, standing at the door and hearing a group of people turn black and white, Ji Cheng rushed in.

“Director Liu, Weiwei didn’t do it at all. It was these people who first found her, and the knife was theirs.”

“You are friends, of course you help her to talk, but so many people see that she is beaten, and now there are people injured in the infirmary.” Zhu Xiaoqin said.

Gu Weiwei looked at the time and said directly.

“Since you have decided that I am beating people and taking a knife and hurting people, then the police will be fine. Let the police check the fingerprint on the knife and know who the knife is.”

“Report… police?” Yellow-haired girls face a slight change.

Liu Jin A look at Gu Weiwei not only did not admit mistakes but also clamored for the police, even more without a good face.

“ Mu Weiwei, who are you as you are, what do you want to do, call now to call your parents.”

Zhu Xiaoqin secretly chills, Mu Weiwei can’t call her parents.

Liu Jin just finished, Gu Weiwei’s mobile phone rang, and it seems that Fu Hanxi was picked up.

“How come home?” The man’s low and elegant voice came.

Gu Weiwei licks his lips. “Still in school, I can go back later.”

 Liu Jin listened to her tone and said, reaching out.

“Give me the phone, you don’t call the parents yourself, I call.”

“This is not…”

Gu Weiwei hasn’t finished yet, Liu Jin grabbed her cell phone and said with a sigh of relief.

“Mu Weiwei’s parents right, your child is fighting at the school and you are going to the school’s teaching office.”

Fu Hanxi was silent for a second, and the voice was cold.

“Is she injured?”

 Liu Jin was asked by the voice of the man in the phone, and there was no momentum.

“She was not injured, she wounded someone.”

“Okay, I will handle it.” Fu Hanxi hung up.


Gu Weiwei took over the mobile phone that Liu Jin handed back, and her heart was soaring.

This mud horse is a boyfriend, not her parents Ah!

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