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Chapter 131 Who is the thief shouting to catch a thief?

Luo Qianqian glanced at the insatiable Zhu Xiaoqin and others and took the phone to Liu Jin’s desk.

A video is playing on the phone, the yellow-haired girl is looking for Mu Weiwei, a group of people calls her to the woods, and eight people surround her.

It wasn’t Mu Weiwei who shot first in the video. Mu Weiwei was not the one who took out the knife. She was just dodging the attacks of several of them from beginning to end.

Of course, the angle taken by Luo Qianqian is very clever.

Only the upper body of a group of people was photographed, and the movements of her feet were not photographed.

At this point, Mu Weiwei is completely clean.

The three police officers saw the video and said with a serious face.

“Director Liu, the black and white is clear, you can’t swear any more.”

Just one by one all identified Mu Weiwei as a wounded person, now the video came out, it is clear that they are a group of people in the thief shouting to catch a thief.

“I…” Liu Jin was stupid after saw it.

So many people insisted that Mu Weiwei had a fight, and the conflict between her and Zhou Linna had made the school difficult, so he also wanted to catch the opportunity to teach her.

He never thought, Luo Qianqian would come up with a video to face.

 Zhu Xiaoqin and others bite their lips with hatred, and there is no more arrogance.

they just didn’t see Luo Qianqian, where did she come from?

Gu Weiwei looked at the director of the school Liu Jin, cold tone.

“Director Liu, can I go now?”

If it weren’t for the strict admission conditions of the Emperor Film School, she wouldn’t have to endure it.

Liu Jin wanted to show his power as director of the school. Teaching Mu Weiwei, who make he couldn’t come to Taiwan, and he couldn’t stand it.

“ Mu Weiwei, it’s a misunderstanding to fight you today, but you usually have a relationship with a male student and you have to educate you.”

It’s not a two-student who told him that Mu Weiwei has a relationship with a male student.

Gu Weiwei smiled mockingly and asked.

“Just because they put some inexplicable letters into my desk, I have a relationship with them?”

Don’t even need to think about it, it was the girls who told the garbage in front of Liu Jin.

“If this is called relationship with the boys, then Zhou Linna has received a lot in recent years. Qin Law has received more letters from girls?” Luo Qianqian followed.

“That is, if this is going to be punished, then Zhou Linna and Qin Law are also called to be punished together, then it is fair and just.” Ji Cheng followed.

Those letters, Weiwei didn’t even look at them, and they lost the trash together with they help.

They even dared to say that she and the boys have a relationship, and you are a fairy board.

“You…” Liu Jin was stunned by the three.

Gu Weiwei looked at the time and asked impatiently.

“Director Liu, is there anything else?”

If you don’t leave, Fu Hanxi is coming.

Liu Jin is not reconciled, let her go so easily.

However, for a moment, he couldn’t think of anything wrong with Mu Weiwei, and he was so angry that his face was red.

At this moment, a young man in a suit and glasses walked in with a briefcase and put the business card on his desk.

“I am Mu Weiwei’s lawyer, Jiang Wei, what happened today, and now I have taken over.”

“Law… lawyer?”

Liu Jin took a look at the business card and found that he was the lawyer of the law firm of the first law firm in China.

He looked at Gu Weiwei strangely. How could she possibly afford the lawyer of Shenghe Law Firm?

“My client has signed a contract to the brokerage company. In view of the future of our party, we will use legal channels to deal with this matter.”

“Broker company?” Zhu Xiaoqin hated his teeth and shattered.

After the last live event, Mu Weiwei got a big fire on the Internet.

Didn’t think she brazenly stepped on Linna and Zheng Yuan, and even signed a brokerage company.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter. While a broker is an agent, the term is usually used for people who sell second-hand goods or a middleman in trade, such a a stockbroker. In Weiwei’s case, however, I believe the correct term should be “talent agency” rather than “brokerage company.”

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