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Chapter 132 I am her boyfriend

Gu Weiwei suspected that Fu Hanxi sent people to act decisively

Fortunately, he is letting a lawyer come, not to come here personally as her parents.

Jiang Yu learned from Gu Weiwei about the incident and asked the three police officers present to prove it. Then he said.

“Mr. Liu and the students of the class have been suspected of intimidating my client and damaging the reputation of our party. According to the law, they are sentenced to three to five years of criminal detention and bear financial compensation.”

“The student made a mistake, I am the education student of the teaching director. What’s wrong?”

“My client is not at fault. Several people are trying to attack my client and smear my client. If Mr. Liu does not find out the facts, he will find that my client is wrong. Is this what the teacher should do?” Jiang Yu has no expression and has a sharp tongue.

Zhu Xiaoqin and a few students who just pointed out Gu Weiwei’s yellow card were also scared, but when they thought they were still students, they said with courage.

“We are still students, according to the Juvenile Protection Act, we…”

“Several students are already high school students, they should all be 18 years old, then … they will no longer be protected by the Juvenile Protection Law, and they will bear legal responsibility according to law.” Jiang Yu said mercilessly.

Liu Jin and Zhu Xiaoqin and others were scared by Jiang Yu’s face.

Jiang Yu’s cell phone rang, and he took a look and said to the Gu Weiwei.

“Miss Mu, here thing let me handle it, you can go back.”

Gu Weiwei didn’t have to think about it, the text message was sent by Fu Hanxi.

Anyway, there was nothing to do with her, so she called Luo Qianqian and Ji Cheng to leave.

Upon receiving the school gate, she received a Fu Hanxi text message and told her to go to the parking lot.

As soon as she got on the car, Fu Hanxi looked at her from head to toe and making sure that she was not injured before asking.

“Why do you fight with people?”

“Is because there are too many boys who write love letters for me. Girls are envious and hate me, so come to trouble.”

  Fu Hanxi is a cold, “love letter?”

Gu Weiwei screamed at the fire and couldn’t help but vomit.

“Those children are not good to go to school, to write me a love letter, this Can you blame me?”

Fu Shiqin, who was driving in front, saw his face from the rearview mirror and his face was dark and coughed.

The last time she knew that she had written a love letter to Qin Law, his brother was not happy.

Recently, she listened to the bodyguard who secretly protected her. She said that she was getting many love letter from the boys every day at school. His brother almost didn’t bother to change the school into a girls’ school.

But, now she has mentioned this again, and want to finish high school?

Gu Weiwei stunned, and the heart would understand the meaning of Fu Shiqin, and immediately explained.

“I swear that I didn’t see it at all and I threw the trash can immedietly.”

Once explained, She annoyed.

Why should she explain this nervously?

Fu Hanxi looked a little bit sloppy, “Never look at it.”

In the past Fu Shiqin inadvertently said that he is much older than her, she would prefer boys of the same age, he is always…some sensitive to this matter.

“Come back to eat, I am so hungry.” Gu Weiwei pulled the subject away.

As soon as she finished speaking, the phone rang again. At first glance, it was a strange number that thought it was the call of the crew.

As a result, one connection is the voice of a young boy.

“ Mu Weiwei, I am Xie Lin, I just stole your number from my cousin’s mobile phone.”

“…” Gu Weiwei’s mouth trembled.

“There is an animation show on the weekend, let’s go together.” Xie Lin warmly invited.

“Animation Show?” Gu Weiwei frowned, and it really was a game dead house Ah.

“Yes, where is your home, when will I pick you up?”

Gu Weiwei looked at the entangled thought of how to refuse, in order not to hurt the gas, after all, Xie Lin also helped her a lot.

He know, she hasn’t spoken yet, Fu Hanxi has taken the call.

“She won’t go.”

Xie Lin stunned for two seconds, “You are…”

“Her boyfriend.”

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