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Chapter 134 is so handsome like Fu Hanxi, there only one in the world

The next day she goes to the school, the early end of self-study, the broadcast informed the school mock exam results.

Liu Jin, the director of the school, was removed from the position of director of the teaching office because of the bribe of the parents of the students.

The yellow-haired girl was expelled from the school because of many record fights with people.

 Zhu Xiaoqin and several other girls, the whole school informed the criticism.

Ji Cheng ran to her classroom after listening, excitedly said.

“Weiwei, you hear that, you hear that, these people get karma.”

Gu Weiwei smiles lightly, Fu Hanxi intervenes, and of course, these people will not have good fruit to eat.

However, this should be safe, then she can go to school and graduate.

“I just passed by Zhou Linna and I looked at it. She was so angry that she was turning green.” Ji Cheng smirked at the table.

Going back last night, there some gossip between classmates. Yesterday’s thing was Zhou Linna and Zhu Xiaoqin to provoke the girls to deal with Mu Weiwei.

However, her Great god (MWW) beating many big men last time, let alone those little girls.

“Can you study well, don’t gossip too much.” Gu Weiwei laughed.

Ji Cheng this temperament is not like a child from a high-ranking family, and if she had not taken her to the clubhouse last time, she really couldn’t think she would be a Ming family member.

Ji Cheng looked around and saw that no one was sitting around and asked in her ear.

“Great God, Fu Hanxi… isn’t only ‘uncle Fu’ for you, right?”

 GuWeiwei slightly startled, “How come?”

“Hey, I came to Qianqian’s home last time to pick you up. Watching you full of love. who do you want to lie for?” Ji Cheng screamed dissatisfied, and she didn’t tell them the truth.

“…” GuWeiwei frowned.

Full of love?

Which of her eyes saw Fu Hanxi’s love?

“So, you are in love with CEO Fu first master, are you?” Ji Cheng continued to smile thieves.

Gu Weiwei laughed. “Do you have more romance novels?”

She does not believe that she and Fu Hanxi are now not in a relationship.

“Near the water floor, so handsome and so handsome, CEO Fu, you really do not tempted?” Ji Cheng hates iron is not steel.

Fu Hanxi, the perfect lover in the hearts of many women in China, lived under her house with her, and she couldn’t help but throw people down.

Gu Weiwei has a calm face. “The handsome man is gone.”

“But it looks so handsome like President Fu, there is no second Ah.” Ji Cheng said excitedly.

Gu Weiwei chuckles, no longer explain.

Anyway, she and Fu Hanxi are absolutely impossible, she has her way to go.

Ji Cheng stared at her for a few seconds and asked for it.

“Great God, Are you a lesbian?”

“Ha?” GuWeiwei raised an eyebrow. This girl’s brain is really infinite.

“You don’t like the handsome CEO Fu, then you are not straight?” Ji Cheng looked confidently.

Gu Weiwei sighed and said, “I can’t like him, I straight.”

Even if Ji Cheng and Luo Qianqian are good for her, she can’t tell them about the secret of her rebirth.

No matter how much Fu Hanxi gives things to her now, she will revenge Ling Xiao in the future and have another intersection with GuJia.

Her secret will one day be revealed, and by then he will never be able to move as he likes her now.

She knows the pain of being abandoned by the loved one. She can’t give him what she wants, but at least he is not allowed to suffer the pain she has suffered.

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    1. I really don’t understand how her ‘secret’ will be revealed cause she’s already MU weiwei and not GU weiwei and even if they did suspect her as someone else they will just think they’re going crazy cause that reason IS crazy

  1. Hmmm. So sad. It’s like a shackle that’s tying her not to love him. Btw thanks for the chapter.

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