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Chapter 142 Good a holy white lotus

 Li Xiner is a light purple dress with a delicate and elegant look. The whole person is gentle and innocent, and she is a famous lady.

“Weiwei, I haven’t answered your call, I thought you forgot Grandpa Wei’s birthday?”

 Wei Ziting didn’t recognize it at first, and when he heard Li Xiner talking, he recognized Mu Weiwei.

However, Mu Weiwei in front of him has already been far from the naughty little girl in the impression.

She is more beautiful and temperament than before.

“Weiwei, I haven’t seen you for a long time, has Ziqi recently contacted you?”

 Gu Weiwei frowned frowning, remembering that today is the life of Wei.

Mud horses are so big, so many dinning room, how to eat a meal can come with them.

 Li Xiner smiled, “Go in and sit down.”

“I am not coming to the birthday party.” Gu Weiwei said coldly.

 Li Xiner squinted at her lips and said sadly.

“Look at what I am doing with Ziting big brother, you still can’t let go, or hate me.”

 Wei Ziting saw it and reached out to Li Xiner, sinking his face and saying.

“It’s me who insists on remarriage. It’s good to have anything to do with me. Don’t be embarrassed.”

 Gu Weiwei sneered innocently, as long as Wei Ziting and Wei’s family were in front of Wei Ziting, Li Xiner was always so gentle and tender, and Mu Weiwei was set off with rudeness.

“Then let the road go, let us go, I am not interested in attending your party.”

Although she has already exhausted her appetite, JiCheng is hard to book, but she still has to eat this meal.

“Weiwei, come here, or say hello to Grandpa Wei, he always misses you.” Li Xiner knows the book and smiles, like a sincere invitation.

“No time.” Gu Weiwei looked at JiCheng and didn’t really want to stay here for dinner.

“It’s so bad that my grandfather has been hurting you so much. You are so hard to have a birthday?” Wei Ziting glanced at her dissatisfiedly.

Grandpa always regards Mu Weiwei as a granddaughter. Xiner wants Grandpa to be happy today, only to grievances and ask her to go to her birthday. She is so embarrassed.

 Gu Weiwei smiled coldly. “Then my mother still used Zhou Mei Qin as a sister, and they still didn’t go to the room and occupied my house.”

 Li Xiner was stunned on the spot, but Wei Ziting was badly hurt.

“If you are not coming to celebrate your birthday, then let’s go, don’t let my grandfather see you.”

 JiCheng heard a little bit of eyebrows and pulled it up, Gu Weiwei said.

“A good holy white lotus, if you look down, you will be killed by disgust. Let’s go.”

 Li Xiner watched the three leave, warm and soft, Wei Ziting said.

“Zizing big brother, or… let’s get engaged, or wait until later.”

“Don’t you say anything?” Wei Ziting asked her hand in a distressed voice and whispered.

“Because my mother and father are married, Weiwei can’t accept leaving home. If we are engaged again, I am afraid she is more uncomfortable…” Li Xiner said, squeezing a few tears.

Li Hua is raining, so I don’t want to be pitiful.

 Wei Ziting sighed and distressed her into her arms.

“You Ah, from small to large, it is obvious that she does not know how to be good, you have to think for her, grievances everywhere.”

 Li Xiner smiled firmly and prematurely. “Whoever made us sisters who grew up together, Mu is no longer there, and should take care of her mood.”

 Wei Ziting thought about it, but said helplessly.

“That’s alright, but don’t let me wait too long.”

“Zizing big brother, I know you are the best.” Li Xiner smiled softly.

The marriage proposal she wanted was not so simple at the birthday party.

In the future, she will have a world-famous marriage proposal on the day when she won the golden phoenix.

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