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Chapter 144 does not need her to replace her

On the TV, LingXiao was interviewed at the GuJia estate, in the room she used to have.

 GuSiTing let her live in GuJia and let her live in her room…

 Gu Weiwei looked at the familiar room on the TV, with a thorn in the throat.

Picking up the cup and sipping it up, the spirits went into the throat to relieve her.

The host of the interview is asking: [LingXiao, you have been plagued by heart disease for so many years, now the surgery is so successful, you can live like a normal person in the future, how do you feel? ]

 LingXiao smiled softly in her loose home clothes.

[The biggest feeling is the value of life, I want to cherish everything now. ]

The host continued to ask: [You are Mumbai blood type, can wait for the heart to be transplanted, probably a miracle of heaven, LingXiao Do you want to say something to the angel who gave you the heart? ]

 LingXiao’s smile was a little stiff, and after a long silence, she smiled.

[I will live on her instead of her. ]

 Gu Weiwei laughs and replaces her?

She doesn’t need her to replace it?

She took another sip of wine to suppress the pain of her heart.

Since she was born again, she often dreams that she is lying on the cold operating table and was born to the heart.

How she asked for help, no one saved her.

LingXiao actually lived in GuJia and lived in her room.

 JiCheng and LuoQianqian looked at the interview with full concentration and did not notice her exception.

The host listened, and Wen Sheng said: [I think, she also hopes that you can live on her instead of her. After LingXiao has recovered, I plan to make a movie again. The majority of movies are looking forward to your new work. ]

 LingXiao looked helplessly at the window and said with a smile.

[I will raise my illness as soon as possible, but I am still unable to determine the time. Some people are not allowed to go out before I get sick. ]

The interview screen was cut out of the window, and it was photographed in the distance on the grass. People were talking with GuSiTing, a navy blue dress, and the sun was beautiful and elegant like a natural aristocratic king.

 JiCheng was amazed and opened his mouth. “This man is too handsome. It can be evenly divided with Fu Hanxi.”

  Fu Hanxi is cold and extravagant, and the gas field is strong and overbearing.

And this man is gentle, extremely elegant and beautiful.

Although GuSiTing’s picture only played for a dozen seconds, Gu Weiwei had already felt so painful that it was crushed.

 Everything about GuJia hasn’t changed, just… she’s not there.

No one outside knows that she is dead, and no one knows that LingXiao has transplanted her heart, and no one knows how she died.

 JiCheng and LuoQianqian finished the interview and glanced at Gu Weiwei and found that his face was pale and terrible.

And a bottle of wine placed on her side is almost finished.

“Weiwei, how much have you drunk?”

 LuoQianqian took off the glass in her hand and asked with concern.

 Gu Weiwei sighed long against the back of the chair and stood up.

“I want to go back…”

However, half a bottle of vodka, she still has a way to go, and when I stand up, I will be embarrassed.

 JiCheng and LuoQianqian held the crowd in a hurry. “How come I suddenly drank so much, I just didn’t let us drink more…”

The two held her down and Gu Weiwei’s cell phone on the table rang.

 LuoQianqian took a look at Fu Hanxi, looked at the people who were already drunk and couldn’t walk, and took a deep breath and answered the phone.

“Fu… Mr. Fu, we are eating outside with Weiwei, and we drink a little bit in a few days…”

The person on the other end of the phone was silent for a moment and asked, “Address it to me.”

 LuoQianqian just finished the address, the phone hangs up.

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