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Chapter 145 Fu Hanxi, I want to break up with you!

After an hour and a half, Fu Hanxi rushed to the dinning room and saw the people who were drunk in JiCheng frown.

“Why is she drinking?”

She usually doesn’t drink alcohol, and neither of them is drunk. Is she drunk like this?

 JiCheng and LuoQianqian glanced at each other and said with trepidation.

“We finished the test and celebrated. I just met Weiwei’s former fiancé. After coming to eat, she suddenly drank the wine.”

In addition to this reason, they really can’t think of anything else.

It’s clear that I played together yesterday. I came across Wei Ziting and Li Xiner today.

In the end, the fiancé who grew up in childhood was taken away. Although she said that she didn’t care, she still couldn’t put it in her heart.

  Fu Hanxi was slightly cold, wrapped in a windbreaker jacket, and picked up and left the private dining room.

  Fu Shiqin helped take the phone and chased it out to open the door.

“This is just the end of the test, how is it like a wild horse?”

  Fu Hanxi sat on get on the car and rushed.


He just got off the plane and called to ask if she slept, but she was drunk outside, or was it because of her former fiancé?

 Gu Weiwei didn’t know where he was, leaning on Fu Hanxi, falling asleep.

  Fu Hanxi’s face was treated with Fu Shiqin’s urgent documents that he had just sent to his hand. From time to time, he also had to reach out to help a drunken Gu Guiwei.

“Is the company recently working with Wei’s family?”

  Fu Shiqin frozen, to be honest, “Yes, I will officially sign a contract next week.”

“Do not sign.” Fu Hanxi said directly.


  Fu Shiqin stunned for a while, remembering that LuoQianqian just said that Mu Weiwei had met her former fiancé.

Her fiancé’s fiancé seems to be…like the surname Wei.

“I said, who used to educate me not to bring personal emotions to work, what are you doing now?”

“Signed to Hongyuan.” Fu Hanxi said coldly.

“You…” Fu Shiqin is so angry that you are faint.

This project Wei Jia and Fu group have been in contact for a few months, and they are signing a contract.

You eat this vinegar, I feel uncomfortable, do not sign, do not say, but also sign a contract Wei Jia’s death to head Hongyuan company.

“Do you have an opinion?” Fu Hanxi glanced at the front.

  Fu Shiqin has a look, “You are happy.”

Anyway, the Wei family’s company and Hongyuan company are similar, and the signing has little effect on Fu.

Who made Wei’s eldest young master make his big brother girlfriend unhappy, his big brother’s girlfriend is not happy, his big brother is not happy.

His big brother is not happy, and of course he can’t make them happy.

The car drove into the garage of Jinxiu Apartment and Fu Hanxi had already issued the urgent documents.

Then, Gu Weiwei was taken from the car and returned to the apartment to put people on the sofa.

 Gu Weiwei raised his eyes and vaguely saw the shadow of Fu Hanxi.

I squinted for a moment and pointed my finger at Fu Hanxi.

“ Fu Hanxi !”

Fu Hanxi, who was answering the phone, glanced at it and his eyebrow Weiwei picked up.

“Woke up?”

I can still recognize him, it seems that I am not too drunk too much.

 Gu Weiwei made a cellar and pointed to the shadow in front of him and said loudly.

“ Fu Hanxi, I want to break up with you!”

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