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Chapter 146 Fu Hanxi, I want to break up with you!


  Fu Hanxi calmly talked to the other party, hung up and approached the sofa, looking at the drunken girl.

“what did you just say?”

 Gu Weiwei heard the voice and looked up at him again.

“I want to break up with you!”

“Cause?” Fu Hanxi screamed.

 Gu Weiwei leaned against the sofa and squatted with a pillow, he said.

“I don’t like you, I can’t like you…”

  Fu Hanxi is cold and cold, “Why?”

Just because I saw my former fiancé today, I want to go back to the old resurgence?

 Gu Weiwei clasped the pillow in his arms and blinked.

“Because… you are Fu Hanxi.”

After that, I fell asleep on the sofa with my pillow.

  Fu Shiqin glanced at his own pro brother, and he shivered into his room.

  Mu Weiwei Is this a drunk, or is it a drink after drinking?

Even dare to marry his big brother in front of his big brother.

Once I locked the door, I immediately went to the squadron with the dog-headed master.

  Fu Hanxi stood in front of the sofa, watching a bunch of words, and fell down to the girl who continued to sleep, sinking into the darkness.

He knew that this was not her drunkenness, but that she always wanted to say something she dared not tell him.

Even though she is sometimes well-behaved, she has never accepted him from the bottom of her heart.

Today is a strong and daring wine, and finally said what I want to say.

He sighed and sighed, and picked him up and sent it back to the room. He didn’t worry that she slept alone and moved the work to be done to the room.

While taking care of the drunk Gu Weiwei, he sat at the bed to handle the work.

 Gu Weiwei slept very uncomfortably, once again dreaming of a nightmare that was difficult to get rid of.

Lying on the cold operating table, JiFang and LingXiao cut her chest with a scalpel and took her heart off.

She was afraid of shrinking into a ball, the whole body was sweating and the whole person was shaking.

“……help me.”

  Fu Hanxi glanced at the sound and put down the documents in his hand.

” Weiwei ?”

The person who is asleep doesn’t know what to dream of, and one hand is close to the heart.

The whole person was shrunk and his hair was sweaty and wet on his cheeks.

“…I hurt so much, it hurts…Save me…” Gu Weiwei The whole man trembled and whispered for help.

  Fu Hanxi thought she was uncomfortable in the heart, nervously picked up the person and prepared to send her to the hospital.

However, when he picked her up, she grabbed his arm.

Like a drowning man, he finally caught the life-saving driftwood, and the whole person calmed down in an instant.

  Fu Hanxi saw her condition eased before she realized that she had a nightmare and gave up the idea of ​​sending her to the hospital.

He glanced at the documents piled up on the bedside table, and then looked at the arm that she was holding tightly, and only gave up the work.

Then, she reached for her cold sweat on her forehead and bowed her kiss on her forehead.

She pulled the quilt and covered her, letting her sleep in her arms.

Just, thinking of the rhetoric she had just said to break up with him, the eyebrows gradually fell into meditation.

He himself has always seen people sharp and insightful, but he often can’t understand her mind.

I thought it was so long, even if the relationship between the two was forced to promise her, and now there are some feelings.

But now, it’s not what he thinks, she has too many ulterior motives.

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