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Chapter 152 WeChat notes are actually baby?

“That’s not what I see now, wait for the right opportunity to say, you are going out.”

It has been a lot of things lately, if Mrs. Fu and MengRuya know their relationship.

 Mrs. Fu tried to break them up, MengRuya had a holiday with her, and then she knew that she was his girlfriend, and she could not do anything to deal with her.

She wants to calmly finish these days, then go to the crew to make a good filming.

  Fu Hanxi looked a little ugly, closed the door and went to the living room alone.

 Mrs. Fu went to the living room and asked for a voice.

“Heck, who are you talking to?”

  Fu Hanxi’s lazy and relaxed look, automatically switched to the usual coldness.


 Mrs. Fu put the fruits and cakes on the table and smiled.

“Shiqin said that you didn’t go to the company today. I’m just like Ruya, so I’ll take a look.”

The eldest son who has always been unable to work, even left the company to rest at home.

 Shiqin said that he was accompanying his girlfriend, but they have never told them that the girl is in love with the girl.

She asked the servant Wang Hao on this side several times, but it was because the servant had been confessed, and the servant had never told her.

Therefore, she came to see it personally today. Who is the girl?

  MengRuya is looking at the four roads and listening to all directions.

She kept inquiring about who the woman was and had to say Mrs. Fu had come together to see what happened.

They just entered the door and clearly heard the voice of the woman.

She fixedly looked at the door that Fu Hanxi had just closed, the woman…just in that room.

 Mrs. Fu also glanced at the door and said.

“Shiqin said, you are deliberately letting go of work today to accompany your girlfriend, what about your girlfriend?”

  Fu Hanxi is about to talk, and the mobile phone on the coffee table comes in a WeChat: [Nothing to say! ]

 Mrs. Fu and MengRuya glanced at each other and saw the WeChat message on the phone, which was incredible.

There is a problem with the content of WeChat. The name of the WeChat note is actually… is it [baby]?

 Mrs. Fu looked at Fu Hanxi slyly, and she was too aware of the indifference of her son.

Even for her and his father, they are calm and alienated.

But such a person, even gave a text message to note this… so incredible name?

  Fu Hanxi glanced and said calmly.

“She went out, not here.”

 Mrs. Fu was also difficult to accept the special treatment of his son for that woman.

“The company is so busy, she is too ignorant, and you have to come back to accompany her.”

  Fu Hanxi frowned at her mother’s disappointment with her girlfriend.

“I want to come back to accompany her.”

Maybe her consideration is correct, and now it is not suitable for her to meet her mother.

Originally, the mother did not like her. If she knew that they were together, it would be trouble for both of them.

In particular, the feelings between them are not stable now, and it is even worse for others to stir up.

  MengRuya listened, secretly biting his teeth.

The damn woman gave her some magic, and he actually protected her.

“If you are not, are you going to the bathroom?” Mrs. Fu glanced at the closed room and smiled.

” Ok.”

  MengRuya put down the bag and got up and left the living room.

After Gu Weiwei’s room, it was used as a bathroom and opened the door.

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