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Chapter 153 Such a person cannot enter Fujia’s door

Meng Ruya thought that when he opened the door, he could see the woman hiding there.

But I don’t want to, but there’s nobody in it.

However, the beds and bedding in the room are distinctly feminine, and there are women’s skin care products and cosmetics on the table.

Does that damn woman live here?

“What are you doing?”

Fu Hanxi looked at Meng Ruya coldly, and his voice was terrifying.

“I… I thought it was a bathroom.”

Meng Ruya was so frightened that Weiwei trembled and wanted to go in again, but he dared not go too far in front of Fu Hanxi, so he closed the door and gave up.

Wise as Fu Hanxi, of course, saw the tricks of Mother and Magruya.

Unhappily, he lowered his eyebrows and turned over the papers in his hands in a cold voice.

If there’s nothing else, you should go back. I still have a lot to do.”

Mrs. Fu knew that he was annoyed. Although he was his son, he was really angry and did not talk to her.

So he glanced at Meng Ruya and said warmly.

“Then we went back first. You went back to your old house for dinner when you were free. It’s almost two months since you went back.”

“Ok.” Fu Hanxi echoed coldly.

Although Mrs. Fu and Eng Ruya suspect that people are in the apartment, Fu Hanxi is at home, and she is not good at forcibly searching for people.

Out of the apartment, Mrs. Fu asked.

“There was a voice in that room just now. Didn’t you see anyone open the door?”

Meng Ruya shook his head. “There’s nobody in the room, but…”

“But what?” Mr. Fu asked.

Meng Ruya looked at Mrs. Fu disappointedly.’There’s a woman’s stuff in that room, that girl… It’s like living with CEO Fu over there.

When Mrs. Fu listens, he looks even worse.

“How long did it take to get to know each other, I came to live directly, and I’m not really a girl with a good family style.”

She couldn’t figure out how her son would look at some flirtatious women without a well-educated Eng Ruya.

Meng Ruya sighed wrongly, “But CEO Fu likes…”

Before, Mu Weiwei didn’t want to approach him face-to-face, but now a woman appeared to approach him.

But she had been around him for so many years that he hadn’t looked her in the eye.

Mrs. Fu got angry and got on the car, and said directly.

“A girl who has no family style and no upbringing can fall in love, but he will never be allowed to marry into the family.”

The famous lady and the man did not know each other very long, so she came to live with them directly.

How can the president’s wife of Fu group be such a disgraceful woman?

Meng Ruya looked at Mrs. Fu with such a firm attitude and a slightly softened complexion.

Today, I had no choice but to find another way to get rid of the mysterious woman.

Fu Hanxi took Mrs. Fu away and opened Gu Weiwei’s room.

As a result, she was climbing out from under the bed and hit her head accidentally.

He reached out and pulled her up and rubbed her head.

“Do you have to hide under that?”

Gu Weiwei cut his hair and muttered.

“How did I know that someone suddenly opened the door? If I hadn’t been handy, I would have been seen by her just now.”

When she heard footsteps outside the door and said it was fast, she fell down and rolled directly under the bed, which avoided Meng Ruya’s eyes.

However, it seems no coincidence that Mrs. Fu and Eng Ruya are here today.

I’m afraid I just want to know who is in love with Fu Hanxi.

However, they should never have thought that she would have been driven out by Fu Hanxi.

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