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Chapter 155 You… Continue

Gu Weiwei’s teeth itched with rage and returned with hatred.

[San shao, if I tell your Big Brother, I don’t like men like him, but I prefer yours, is that okay? ]

Fu Shi Yi almost flew away without fear and came back quickly.

[… Let go. ]

[I won’t go to the theatre with you, and I don’t say how much you like it… I’m big brother. ]

So if she told his big brother that same as tortured to death right?

Gu Weiwei was in a better mood, put down her mobile phone and continued to read the script.

But Fu Hanxi stayed at home with her, and that day really made her live like a year.

Fortunately, Fu group only allowed him to be so capricious for one day and then went to work the next day.

The only thing that bothers her is that no matter how she refuses, he comes to sleep every night with determination.

Of course, I just came to sleep with you.

As a result, she could not sleep well for several days, so she had to wait for him to go to work.

It was not easy, until I could leave Capital crew and go to the theatre.

Although she did not sleep well all night with someone, she could not wait to get up as soon as the alarm clock rang in the morning.

But Fu Hanxi’s face is not so good-looking.

The hand fastened on her waist was tight, and she had no intention of waking up like that.

“Going away, so happy?”

He’s still in a bad mood these two days because she’s leaving.

On the contrary, she was impatient and happy to leave.

Gu Weiwei immediately shrank back for a few minutes and said with a broken face.

“How can I be happy? I’m reluctant to leave.”

He was not happy, so he forbade her to go directly. That would be a bad thing.

“If you don’t want to go, don’t go.” Fu Hanxi said directly.

“…” Gu Weiwei took a puff from his mouth and said patiently, “But sign a contract, and I like the movie very much.”

She seriously suspected that the man had schizophrenia.

It’s totally different from the way they handed over their work to Fu Shiqin. It’s so cold and harsh that it’s not human.

But is the man in front of her really another variant of his personality?

Fu Hanxi was silent for a while, turning over and pressing Gu Weiwei to get up on the bed.

“Since you’ve been walking so long, I think… I should get some benefit from my girlfriend in advance.

“Ha?” Gu Weiwei raised his eyebrows.

Fu Hanxi lowered his head and kissed the girl’s tender lip, initially just a shallow kiss, and gradually the tip of his tongue drifted in, entangling the girl’s small tongue…

Gu Weiwei’s whole body was stiff when he was kissed, but if you think that a kiss can live freely outside for several months, you can kiss him.

But gradually he kissed deeper and deeper, and she pushed the man who was pushing on her with some fear.

“Fu… Uh!

Previously, he occasionally kissed, but only a little.

However, instead of stopping because of her refusal, Fu Hanxi kissed more enthusiastically.

It wasn’t until Fu Shiqin called outside several times and didn’t hear an echo that he pushed the door open.


Then he saw his big brother pressing him on the bed, and they kissed each other hard.

He was stunned for two seconds and said.

“You… Go on. “

After that, he slammed the door and ran away.

He’s really cheap. He’s big brother sleeping in her bed. How can he really sleep?

Now that he’s disturbed by big brother’s good deeds, he’s bound to get revenge again.

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