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Chapter 156 “FengFeng” crew boot

In the room, there was a moment of silence.

  Fu Hanxi looked up calmly and went back to the room to change clothes, but the corner of her mouth couldn’t help but smile.

 Gu Weiwei sat up, sighed in agony, and picked up the phone.

“Weiwei, I took the assistant and came over last night. You don’t miss the plane, we will pick you up at the airport.”

“Well, I will leave after half an hour.”

 Gu Weiwei hangs up the phone and refuses to worry about the things that have just been kissed. Get up and wash clothes.

On the breakfast table, Fu Hanxi was depressed and didn’t want to say a word.

Because of the important meeting in the morning, Fu Hanxi only sent her to the underground garage and did not personally send her to the airport.

“When you get on the phone, you have to call if you have trouble.”


The most troublesome, isn’t he himself?

  Fu Hanxi closed the door and watched the car drive out of the basement before returning to the apartment.

If breakfast is not taken care of, I will call Fu Shiqin to go to work.

At first, Fu Shiqin was a bit lucky.

 Gu Weiwei left his big brother and didn’t want to give him a bunch of work.

However, just a day later he knew he was wrong.

Because she left, his big brother changed back to the cold-blooded work machine.

I work overtime, and they have to work overtime.

So, Gu Weiwei just flew to the shooting location, Fu Shiqin called and cried and asked her to return to Capital.

When she was there, although his big brother would occasionally throw him a bunch of work, but at least the work went wrong, not as cold and bloodless as it is now.

 Gu Weiwei listened to him for a long time and ruthlessly refused his request.

“Two less, I have to do my own thing, you can ask for yourself.”

In his mouth, that is his brother, brother, who is just talking about a living king.

In fact, she was surprised. Fu Hanxi has always been a relatively cold-hearted person, like her loved ones, let alone the average person.

Only she can’t figure out why she is the exception to her alone.

She just hung up Fu Shiqin’s phone, and the agent QiaoLin took her with a young girl at the airport.

“Weiwei, this is the assistant who followed you from today, Xiao Xu, Xu Wei.”

“Mixie, hello.” The girl politely bowed at her.

“You call me Weiwei, you don’t have to call the sister.” Gu Weiwei corrected.

Although the assistant is an artist, what big brother is very common, but she really accepts a girl who is bigger than her, and in turn calls her sister.

“Okay, Weiwei.” Xu Xiao smiled and changed his mouth.

“Well, let’s move the baggage on the car first.” QiaoLin stood in the sunglasses and stood by.

Xu Wei moved the box and did not move it.

 Gu Weiwei took a look at QiaoLin, but QiaoLin said.

“Look at what I do, I don’t do these rough work.”

The only man in the room could not count on it. Gu Weiwei could only get started and put the box into the car.

The three of them just got on the bus and were ready to drive to the film and television city. Just after leaving the parking lot, they were screamed and blocked by hundreds of female fans.

 Gu Weiwei A look at the signs and posters that the girls took, all the names and photos of Fu Shi Yi.

“San shao is also here today?”

“Yes, he advertised in the field and flew directly.” QiaoLin is no stranger to such a scene, so he sat here patiently waiting for the fans who took Fu Shiyi to pick up.

Sure enough, not long after, Fu Shi Yi’s nanny car drove away, and the lively parking lot was suddenly cleared.

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