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Chapter 157 What’s wrong with face-to-face meals?

Because they were still new and unpopular, Gu Weiwei and his wife quietly arrived at the hotel arranged by the crew.

Xu Ying and Gu Weiwei are packing their luggage. Qiao Lin stands by and talks about the arrangements for these days.

“In the evening, the crew will have a dinner party to meet the main members of the crew.”

“There will be a boot-up ceremony at 9 o’clock tomorrow morning, and then the shooting will be officially started.”

“I’ll be waiting here for more than twenty days. Almost at that time, the crew will start to publicize, and I’ll have to go back and make arrangements.”

Gu Weiwei listens, and every now and then he answers.

She also recently learned that Qiao Lin, who looks unreliable, is one of the top brokers in hundreds of millions of cultures, with two or three front-line artists before.

Although looking at Niang Niang, but the business ability is good.

“It’s also important that San Shao is on the same set, but you don’t want to see him, and you’d better not walk with him.”

Assistant Xu frozen, “Why?”

San Shao is also a billions of artists in the same theatre group. Everyone takes care of each other.

Gu Weiwei nodded. “I see. I’ll pay attention to it.”

“Also, the Supporting Actresses invited by ChangFeng are all old opera skeletons. Don’t offend anybody, you’d better make a good impression on your predecessors. It’s not bad for you.” Qiao Lin ordered carefully.

He knows that several of the actors are the elders of the film industry. They were also very popular when they were young, and they have a very wide network in this circle.

She has just entered this circle and made a good impression on them. Besides her good acting skills, they will recommend her to other directors when they have the chance.

“All right.” The more Gu Weiwei listens, the more satisfied he is with the broker.

Qiao Lin nodded happily. “Then take a break and I’ll pick you up at the theatre dinner later.”

Gu Weiwei took her out of the door and continued to pack her luggage.

Xiao Xu, an assistant, asked curiously as he helped, “Weiwei, Qiao Lin big brother, why don’t you and Sanshao take care of each other?”

Other female stars are in a hurry to have sex with San Shao. They are in the same company, and he doesn’t even allow private contact.

Gu Weiwei smiled and explained.

“Among San Shao’s gossip girlfriends, how many people tear each other online, and before that, because San Shao is famous online, it’s not good for me to keep in touch with him.”

Gossip stories will only spoil the popularity of passers-by, especially those who are new to her career.

Xiao Xu nodded, twisting and pinching his head.

“Then… Can I go to San Shao and ask for a signature?


As soon as they were busy packing up, Qiao Lin knocked on the door and reminded her to put on makeup and eat.

Originally thought it was only a simple dinner, to the hotel banquet hall, only to find that the dishes are simply luxurious.

As soon as they were seated, Fu Shi Yi came in in a suit full of rage.

Seeing Gu Weiwei from afar, he came and sat down, glancing at the dishes on the table.

“Well, the chef of Capital’s Royal banquet, the stingy devil of Yi dao, is so big-handed.”

Qiao Lin frowned at the man sitting next to Gu Weiwei. “San Shao, can you sit over there?”

“They’re all acquaintances. What’s wrong with me sitting here?” Fu Shi Yi took off his sunglasses.

“Are you thinking that Mu Weiwei has also been promoted to be your gossip girlfriend? You are not on the same track. Don’t ruin your prospects, can’t you?” Qiao Lin said.

“Why is it not a route?” Fu Shi Yi stared at Qiao Lin.

“Unlike you, my artists depend on strength to mix up, not face to eat.” Qiao Lin cautioned solemnly.

Fu Shi Yi said straightforwardly with his legs crossed.

“Eating on the face is strength. How hard did you make me look so handsome?”

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