MTL Sweet Pampering

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Chapter 158 Seeing a video of no one…

 Gu Weiwei: “…”

 QiaoLin got up without words, “Weiwei, change my seat.”

At first, he did not want to bring this artist, so he knew that he had signed in to the unspoken rules, and he did not care.

But now that he wants to take people with his heart, he can no longer let this prodigal prodigal son start his artist.

 Gu Weiwei got up in disobedience and changed position with QiaoLin.

 Fu Shi Yi glanced at QiaoLin sitting on the side and looked disgusted.

“You sit far, I don’t want to be misunderstood to be with you.”

“Even if men all over the world are dead, I won’t do it with you.” QiaoLin is even more disgusted.

 Gu Weiwei Helpless, in the public, do these two people say that such a topic is appropriate?

 Fu Shi Yi said that he was going to sit next to Gu Weiwei and was stopped by QiaoLin.

“The surname Joe, you are blocking the way, believe it or not, I will expel you?”

“You harass my artist again, I will release your unspeakable videos.” QiaoLin grinds his teeth.

Xiao Xu assistant is a fan of Fu Shi Yi. When he heard QiaoLin say this, he looked at the two incredulously.

“See a video of no one…”

Is it true that they really have a base?

Not only did Xiao Xu’s assistant think so, but Gu Weiwei also looked at the two strangely.

“You have two eyes, what can’t be seen, that is, I lost a bet with someone, wearing a video of the skirt.” Fu Shi Yi saw their eyes and thought that he and QiaoLin had a leg, and immediately clarified.

He is a straight man with straight steel bars. He only likes big breasts and long legs. How can he get involved with men?

 Gu Weiwei took Fu Shi Yi up and down and looked at the picture of the spicy eyes.

However, Fu Shi Yi always thought that the image of Shuai Shuai Shuai attracts fans. If such things are released, the image will collapse.

 QiaoLin Looks Fu Shi Yi is a bit awkward, and he warns.

“So come to filming and filming, don’t harass my artist, don’t send out the video of you dancing in a pink dress, you can think about it.”

“You…this is still the artist I recruited into the company.” Fu Shi Yi is discouraged.

He wants to hold the big thigh in the future. How is he so much?

“He is your recruiting company, but now he is the artist I want to bring.” QiaoLin is very concerned about the image of the basics.

“I don’t want to come in, do you have to bring it?” Fu Shi Yi is not convinced.

 QiaoLin looked at the unreasonable person and looked around.

“San shao, there is FuJia behind you. In this circle, I say FuJia, Mu Weiwei is different from you. I have to be careful every step of the way. Don’t you mess up?”

It seems that what he wants to worry about is not his artist’s anecdote, but the prodigal son of this sentiment to harass his artist.

“I…she…” Fu Shi Yi pointed to himself and pointed to Gu Weiwei.

Of course they are the same, she has his golden brother’s shiny thighs, of course, unlike him.

 Gu Weiwei sat on the side and watched the two men quietly.

“We are really different.”

“…” Fu Shi Yi is completely speechless.

 QiaoLin See Fu Shi Yi has nothing to say, and this is a relief.

“Your black history is in my hands, so don’t let me see you and my artists?”

“What troubles do I have with her?!” Fu Shi Yi was so angry that she wanted to cry.

This is his big brother woman, borrowing him a hundred courage, he did not dare to smack with her.

He dared to gossip with her, and he couldn’t be cramped by his pro big brother.

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