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Chapter 159 All hinders me cling to influental people

Because of QiaoLin’s blockade, Fu Shi Yi didn’t even talk to Gu Weiwei.

So, sitting on the side silently took out the phone and sent a WeChat in the past.

[ Sister-in-law, I am short of money, lend me money. ]

 Gu Weiwei glanced at him and sat on the opposite side of the crowd.

It is not good to answer QiaoLin on the ground, pick up the phone and go back.

[No money, love can help. ]

He casually tens of millions of people who spoke on behalf of her, borrowed money from her, did they make a mistake?

[My big brother has money, you help me borrow from him, five hundred million. Fu Shi Yi The big opening of the lion.

Recently, he and his people negotiated a foreign cooperation project and needed investment.

However, he just lost a contract with the “ChangFeng” and lost a large sum of money, and now he is so poor.

 Gu Weiwei glanced silently, you kissed the big brother, you let me an outsider to borrow.

[You own the big brother, borrow it yourself. ]

 Fu Shi Yi looked at Gu Weiwei wrongly and returned to the past.

[I asked him to borrow, he did not give it to me. ]

In the eyes of his unspoken big brother, only her is a pro, he and Fu Shiqin are both coming.

 Gu Weiwei replied impatiently: [Then I can’t help it. ]

 Fu Shi Yi couldn’t figure it out, then suddenly said.

” Mu Weiwei, look at my eyes.”

 Gu Weiwei looked up and saw Fu Shi Yi’s peach eyes.

Then I saw that the goods squeezed two tears in front of her face, and immediately the mouth was pumping.

A minute later, Fu Shi Yi sent another WeChat.

[There is a way, you give me a big brother to make a call, say dear, I need five hundred million to buy and buy, then he gave you and then lend me. ]

 After reading Gu Weiwei, he shut down the phone directly in front of him.


 Fu Shi Yi was about to talk to her, and was yelled by QiaoLin, who could only swallow her words back.

He was clamoring for how to hug his thigh and let her help borrow money from his big brother. Director Yi An and Executive director were late with a group of people.

Come with them, Li Xiner, heroine, and Wei Ziting, who sent Li Xiner to the crew, and Cheng Dong, an investor representative from Tiansheng Group.

 Executive director took a seat and watched a table of luxurious dishes. “Today we are immersed in the light of Wei.”

“Where, Xiner for the first time to make a movie, lack of experience, learn Yi dao and LiDao you care.” Wei Ziting said with a smile.

“It turned out that General Wei was a guest. Ah, it is no wonder that the dishes on this table are full of copper smell.” Fu Shi Yi did not hug into the thigh, and said unhappy.

Copper smell?

 Executive director glanced at the person who talked speechlessly. Isn’t FuJia the most copper smell in China?

The people of the first family of the Chinese chaebol, FuJia, who is rich in the enemy country, actually said that people have a copper smell.

Wei Ziting’s smile on his face was a stiff one. Wei Jia and Fu group had a major cooperation project recently.

Everything was very smooth. Recently, Fu suddenly changed his mind and turned to the Wei family’s rival company.

Cheng Sheng’s Cheng Dong lost his smile and said, “We are all business people. It’s no better than Fu San shao. Your movie, we can invite San shao to star in male lead. It’s an honor.”

People in China don’t want to climb up with FuJia, but Fu Hanxi is always close to people.

And they are not qualified to meet with him, so they can only find a way to get closer to San shao, at least there is a chance to see the big man.

However, Fu Shi Yi took care of it and only thought about how to let Gu Weiwei promise to call his big brother to borrow money.

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