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Chapter 160 Wants to touch his hand Sister-in-law? !

Although it is a group dinner, but today is Wei Ziting’s east, but also specially brought the team of chefs of the Capital Dynasty.

First, I want to sell my girlfriend Li Xiner, let the director take care of her.

Secondly, I also want to explore the tone from Fu Shi Yi. Why did Fu group suddenly become confused and not cooperate with them?

Because, they really can’t think of where they offended the Fu group, and they didn’t say anything, they signed their direct counterparts to Hongyuan.

 Executive director and Cheng Dong took the lead, and everyone drank a few cups together. Wei Ziting seemed to be unintentional.

“San shao, originally we had a cooperation project with Fu group. Fu’s suddenly signed a contract with Hongyuan. I don’t know… What is the reason?”

 Fu Shi Yi is licking the chicken legs and said it directly after listening.

“Because… my big brother is not very happy, so sign a contract is far away.”

Who made you Mu Weiwei’s fiancé, who told you to meet her, she went to drink drunk and broke up with his big brother.

His Sister-in-law is not happy, his big brother is of course unhappy, his big brother is not happy, and of course he can’t make you happy.

“…not happy?” Wei Ziting frowned and said with a funny voice, “The CEO Fu should be…not so impulsive.”

“Who made his girlfriend break up with him that day, he was in a bad mood, and he didn’t want to sign a contract with you.” Fu Shi Yi said, glanced at Gu Weiwei.

Gu Weiwei, who is drinking juice, took a sip of a small one. What happened to her?

“Girlfriend broke up?” Wei Ziting stunned and laughed. “With CEO Fu, I still broke up. This woman… is too ignorant.”

“No,” Fu Shi Yi nodded. “I have asked for a big brother to marry. She refuses to marry. I don’t know how to marry.”

Gu Weiwei, who didn’t know the good face, had a slap in the mouth. He thought that leaving Capital to play the crew, it would be easier to see Fu Hanxi.

As a result, there is Fu Shi Yi, a living treasure. He is simply Fu Hanxi’s loyal dogleg.

 Li Xiner asked, curiously asking.

“I don’t know, what is the daughter of CEO Fu?”

The women of the Chinese nation did not dream of marrying the top giants like FuJia, but they could not even see Fu Hanxi’s face.

There are still women who fall in love with Fu Hanxi and are still struggling to break up.

 Gu Weiwei stared at him, and he dared to say it again, and he took his eyes out.

 Fu Shi Yi smiled mysteriously. “This of course cannot be said.”

Tian Dong’s Cheng Dong drank a few cups, and his eyes couldn’t help but ran towards Gu Weiwei. Seeing Xiao Xu, who was sitting next to her, left, and moved to a position and sat next to Gu Weiwei.

“Miss Mu, it’s a great future to be able to participate in Yi Dao’s movie so young.”

Said, smashed a business card and handed it over.

“We are going to invest in other movies after Tiansheng, Miss Mu. If you are interested, you are welcome to participate.”

Of course, to participate in the film they invest in, they have to pay a price.

“Thank you, no need.” Gu Weiwei refused.

She did not pick up, Cheng Dong reached out and prepared to pull her hand, forced into her hands.

 QiaoLin saw it and crossed Gu Weiwei and took the business card.

“Cheng Dong, thank you for your kindness. If the movie book is good, we Weiwei will consider the audition.”

 Fu Shi Yi’s early chopsticks were snapped off. He didn’t dare to touch his Sister-in-law’s hand. Did the old ghost want to touch his Sister-in-law’s hand? !

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