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Chapter 161 Li Xiner, are you really… like to die?

Such things are very common in the entertainment industry.

Some movie investment companies throw bait, and some actresses will sacrifice their hues when they want to go to the top, accept such unspoken rules, and climb their beds.

However, he is eyeing Mu Weiwei.

She doesn’t even hold the golden thigh of his big brother. Will she still see this greasy old ghost?

 Director Yi An didn’t like the things on these occasions and saw this scene.

“ Mu Weiwei, it’s not too late, you go back to the room to rest, and you have to turn it on tomorrow morning.”

 Gu Weiwei didn’t want to stay long ago. He gave a few people a greeting and was ready to go back to sleep.

Fu Hanxi slept on her bed last night, and she didn’t fall asleep that night.

Today, I only spent two or three hours on the plane. I have been so sleepy for a while.

As a result, I have to watch Li Xiner here. They show their love and are harassed by an old ghost.

 QiaoLin sent her back to the room and said.

“Looking at you is also very tired, take a break early, Xiao Xu will come to call you tomorrow morning.”

 Gu Weiwei nodded, went back to the room and cleaned up the things piled up on the bed, sorted out what to use tomorrow, and took a shower and went to sleep.

As a result, just after a while, the door was knocked.

She didn’t want to, she simply ignored it, and the result was always knocking outside.

She wondered if Fu Shi Yi was the second one. She still didn’t give up QiaoLin, so she came to her to borrow money from Fu Hanxi.

So, did not put on the coat, and opened the door with fire.

“I said, do you believe it or not…”

When I didn’t finish talking, I found that it wasn’t Fu Shi Yi, but a wine-filled Tiansheng Directur Cheng.

“Miss Mu, I have a lot of people on the dinner table, let’s get to know it now.”

Female star, in front of outsiders have to point themselves.

But in private, as long as there is a good chance, it is easier to accompany someone to go to bed than anyone else.

I have heard that Wang Dong has found a beautiful color. It is really rare to see a real person today.

Unfortunately, Wang Weidong did not enjoy how long, he went to the intensive care unit after a car accident, and now he has not woken up.

 Gu Weiwei looks cold, “Directur Cheng, are you going wrong?”

If it weren’t for the biggest investor representative of ChangFeng, she now has the mood to leave him downstairs.

 Directur Cheng saw that he came to see her by herself. She was still so illiterate, and her turbid eyes were full of greed and lust.

“Miss Mu, you can think clearly, Wang Dong is now seriously injured in a coma. Can you wake up again? It is as good as I can keep you on the way…”

 Gu Weiwei grinds the molars, Zhou Mei Qin has photos on her, who dare not say this to death.

Then there is only one person who is suspicious, Li Xiner, you are really… like to die.

“Directur Cheng, my patience is limited. If you don’t leave, don’t blame me.”

 Directur Cheng listened and laughed and asked, “Miss Mu, you let me in, don’t say that you can finish this movie, and then as long as Tiansheng’s film, what do you want to play?”

 Gu Weiwei stood impatiently, thinking about how to beat him, without affecting the work of the crew.

 Directur Cheng turned his head and said with a faint threat.

“But if you have always been so shameless, then Wang Weidong can send you to play this female II, and I can make you play the same.”

A small newcomer gave her such a good opportunity, she still did not know.

“is it?”

 Gu Weiwei cold lips, the bottom of the eye passed a trace of cold.

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