MTL Sweet Pampering

SP 162 MTL

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Chapter 162 is empty, lonely and cold. People need to sleep with them.

Director Cheng was shocked by her eyes for a moment, but soon hummed lightly.

“If you sleep with Wang Weidong, you can’t sleep with me?”

I don’t know why Wang Weidong always likes to play with these young people.

Now I know that the young girl is so fresh and energetic that she can’t act on any other actress.

Gu Weiwei glanced at his opponent’s hand, which was holding the doorframe, in a frame that would not let him in tonight.

“Directur Cheng, my room is inconvenient, or… Shall we change places?

“Okay, change places, wherever you say…” Directur Cheng looked at her compromise and was eager to reach out and touch her.

“Directur Cheng, what are you in a hurry?” Gu Weiwei reached for his tie and said with a smile, “Close your eyes and I’ll take you there.”

The girl’s voice was soft and waxy, and her bones were crisp.

“Well, I close, I close…”

Gu Weiwei pulled Directur Cheng’s tie, took the man along for a while, and reached out and knocked on a door.

As soon as the door opened, she pushed the person she brought in.

“Directur Cheng is empty, lonely and cold. He needs someone to sleep with him. He can borrow your place to entertain him.”

Early in the morning, Wei Ziting was ready to catch a plane back to Capital.

Li Xiner sent him downstairs and gently persuaded him.

“Ziting big brother, you… Would you like to say hello to Weiwei before you leave?

“I don’t want to see her.” Wei Ziting looked coldly down.

Li Xiner wiped his lips, looking lonely and worried.

Wei Ziting looked at the way she wanted to talk and stop. He reached out and wrapped her shoulder. “What else is it?”

“Actually…” Li Xiner sighed sadly and said, “Actually, I want you to persuade Weiwei, the assistant said last night… Seeing her with Directur Cheng, you know who Directur Cheng is…

Wei Ziting listened and his face darkened.

“Did she have any sense of shame? First, she followed Wang Dong, and now she took up Directur Cheng, and put a good Lady Longseng Group to do nothing, so she had to do all these dirty things………………………………………….

Fortunately, she had already retired, or she would not know how many green hats she was going to wear.

“Ziting big brother, don’t you say Weiwei, she… It must be angry with us that we were forced to survive outside because we didn’t want to go home.” Li Xiner pulled La Wei Ziting and said softly.

“He’s more obedient to you. You go and persuade her to stop doing this and go home early.”

Wei Ziting sighed helplessly as he looked at his gentle, pure-hearted and kind-hearted girlfriend.

“What else do you care about her when she’s willing to fall?”

“Aunt Mu died, she woke up in a car accident and knew that her father and mother had changed their temperament when they got married. We could not persuade her to come back. If she went on like this, I was afraid she would go astray…” Li Xiner said anxiously.

Wei Ziting laughed heartily. “I have accumulated many blessings in my life, so you are such a kind and lovable girlfriend?”

Li Xiner smiled shyly and went into the elevator and pressed Gu Weiwei’s floor.

When they got out of the elevator, they saw that the crew were talking to each other and heading for a room.

Li Xiner immediately changed her face and worried, “Is Weiwei what happened to her?”.

Finish saying, pull up Wei Ziting to follow up quickly.

They followed the crew to the room and Li Xiner squeezed in worried.


However, when I entered the room, I was totally foolish to see what was going on inside.

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