Sweet Pampering

Sweet Pampering 104

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Sweet Pampering 104

Hidden Marriage Sweet Pampering: The Conglomerate’s Little Wife ( 隐婚甜宠:大财阀的小娇妻)
Author(s): Helan Yang Yang
Translator: CubbyFox
Editor: Waiting
Proofreader: Waiting

Chapter Release This week: 5 of 6

Gu Weiwei’s flowery appearance losing color*, grabbed the seat belt and strongly refused to get off. (TL: Idiom to become pale)

“I don’t want to, we have nothing to tie.”

“Are you sure?” Fu Hanxi asked quietly.

“I’m sure.”Gu WeiWei holding the seat belt in one hand.

“Although we have slept for one night, Mr. Fu, you are such a big adult, Forcing me a teenage girl to be responsible for you, it’s Too bully. ”

“I will be the one who responsible for you.” Fu Hanxi pressed anger, seriously said.

“I don’t need you to responsible.” Gu Weiwei repeatedly shook her head.

“Moreover, I still don’t want to marry, I still too young and I can’t get along with you.”

She still digesting the unexpected news, He brings her directly to the Civil Affairs Bureau. Is this what so-called ‘Force Marriage’?

Fu Shiqin turned his head and said “China has special regulations for early marriage. As long it is 18 years old, and the parents of both parties agree to allow marriage.”

“No, It’s Impossible for Li Jiacheng to agree with it,” said Gu Weiwei.

If Li Jiacheng knows, he will definitely won’t agree and surely offering Li Xiang Xiang or Li Xiner (TL: If you foget Li Jiacheng is MWW father, and Li Xiang, Li Xiner is her step sister)

In his eyes, Mu Weiwei is not his daughter at all, how could he agree to let her marry to Fu Family

Fu Shiqin takes a paper from the bag in the backseat and shaking it in front of her eyes.

“Look clearly, this is the approval letter signed by Li Jiacheng.”

Gu Weiwei took a look and the approval letter it was indeed signed by Li Jiacheng.

Is indeed easy to get Li Jiacheng signature with Fu Group Ability

and of course, it’s easy to make a approval letter after that

“I don’t exist in Houku*.” (TL: Household register/ Residence ID)

“For you, I’ve been taking care of it.” Fu Shiqin brings out Hukou certificate and shaking it in front of her. (TL: Idk how Hokou look like it’s paper or book, so I for now I’ll assume it certificate)

For three hours he had prepared everything, now everything was ready.

Now, they only need to take a picture of themselves in the Civil Affairs Bureau, and marriage certificate will be completed

Gu Weiwei is speechless, they prepare it so well.

“Now, what else needs to be prepared.” Fu Hanxi looked at her and asked.

Gu Weiwei couldn’t pull her hand that he holding, “Who is married like this, After you say it, you just drag people to the Civil Affairs Bureau. You do not even propose me, nor Have you let me think about it? ”

Fu Hanxi give a hand signal to Fu Shiqin in the front seat ” Bring it out.”

Fu Shiqin immediately took a delicate small velvet box and put it in his hand.

“Well, the ring.”

And Then, He opened the door, Take a bunch of roses from the trunk, Go back to the car and force it into her arms.

“Now the music, the Roses, The Rings, everything complete, right.”

Fu Hanxi opened the ring box, Take out the Exquisite and gorgeous diamond ring and handed it to the girl.

“Now, I give you five minutes to consider.”

Gu Weiwei looked down at the rose that was stuffed in her arms. Looked at the diamond ring in front of her and looked at the man who holding the ring.

The way he use to proposes is indeed very popular ‘Style’ to propose someone, but it’s feels wrong

plus Romantic music echoed in the car, Her mood was maddeningly like a dog.

With the domination of Fu Hanxi,in Five minutes, whatever she wants,

she pretty sure she’ll be dragged to the Civil Affairs Bureau by him.

“That… can I ask why you do this?”

Yesterday is good, even this morning when she goes out to school he still good, so how come he suddenly become crazy like this?

Fu Hanxi frowned, and suppress the anger.

“It seems that even now, you been pregnant, you still don’t have plan to tell me.”

“What pregnant, I am not pregnant!” Gu Weiwei angered.

“If You’re not pregnant. what are you going to do with the pregnancy test?”

Fu Hanxi said it, then Pull out the shopping bill.

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