Sweet Pampering

Sweet Pampering 107

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Sweet Pampering 107
Hidden Marriage Sweet Pampering: The Conglomerate’s Little Wife ( 隐婚甜宠:大财阀的小娇妻)
Author(s): Helan Yang Yang
Translator: CubbyFox
Editor: Waiting
Proofreader: Waiting
Fu Hanxi didn’t believe the results of more than a dozen pregnancy tests, so he literally took her to the hospital for examination.

He Chi just got off work and took them to the obstetrics and gynecology department for an examination.

well, the Result is as expected, She is not Pregnant.

Fu Hanxi was a bit disappointed, but he did not give up, He asked He Chi

“Are you sure there is no problem with your medical equipment?”

“It’s not that our MEDICAL DEVICE ERROR. It’s your little GIRLFRIEND’s stomach ERROR.” He Chi cross his arms and his patience already runs out so spit it out*. (TL: Talk what inside heart with anger)

“If you so Impatient like this, eager for having child, Just go home make one, why have to come to hospital spout crazy things?.”

It’s hard to see him all year long, In the past three days, He came to the hospital with Mu Weiwei, He’s so sick of it.

Gu Weiwei dressed up, “now, can we go back?”

Fu Hanxi did not leave, but said, “She has irregular menstruation.”

He Chi bit his teeth. “I am a Neurosurgeon, not a gynaecologist.”

And then He took them to a gynecologist,To diagnosis Gu Weiwei and treatment, she give a prescribed and a few advice for Gu Weiwei

They Arrived at apartment at 9PM

After dinner together, Fu Hanxi called her to the study room to do her homework.

Because of the delay in too much work in the afternoon, Fu Hanxi brought back a bunch of document that has to deal with, There are also video meeting with foreign partners.

Gu Weiwei quietly wrote her homework opposite him. The room echoed the video of men and people talking fluently in French, which was very magnetic.

During the meeting, Fu Hanzheng looked at the girl who was rushing to work from time to time. After finish, the Video call Fu Hanxi asked


Gu Weiwei honestly said, “everything is done,Just left two questions.”

Fu Hanxi put down the document in front of him and reached out and said, “Let me see.”

Gu Weiwei handed him the work, bypassed the table, stood by his side waiting for his examination results.

Fu Hanxi took her homework in one hand, and the other hand hooked her waist and let her sit directly on his lap.

Gu Weiwei was scared and said she wants to get up, the man had already pointed out the fault of her homework as if nothing had happened.

After finishing telling her where she wrong, He also told her how to solve the other two Question that she can’t do.

But, he did not tell her the whole explanation for the first Question, instead told her to do it together. She only can stiffly sit in his lap and do her homework.

However, The breathing is filled with male hormones and sprayed on the side of her face. make her face get hotter and hotter, and her mind can’t be calm.

The answer is wrong two-step, Fu Hanxi Point it with his finger, Her Face become hotter

Finally, under his guidance, her struggling to solve two questions have finished.

Fu Hanxi checked again, appreciatively touched her head, “It’s Already late, rest early.”

Gu Wei Wei nodded and packed up the book to ask a question.

“Shall I make you a cup of black tea?”

”En”. (TL: yes)

Gu Weiwei packed her things, then went to the dining room to make a cup of black tea and then send it to the study room, she was ready to leave but she was pulled by the man hands.

“Give me a goodnight kiss。”(TL: he said in English)

Gu Weiwei looked at the man who smiled and looked forward to the goodnight kiss, and her face was tangled.

Well, she saw her homework, and recalled he put aside a lot of work today just to ask her to marry him.

She took a deep breath and leaned over the man’s beautiful thin lips and pecked a little.

But he put his hand on her head and deepened the kiss.

It wasn’t until her cell phone ringing that Fu Hanxi had enough to let go of her lips and kiss her on her forehead.


Gu Weiwei blushing and went out of the study room and picks up the phone.

Ji Cheng was crying on the phone. “Weiwei, my male god has children with other women.” (TL: LMAO Fu shiqin)

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