Sweet Pampering

Sweet Pampering 108

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Sweet Pampering 108
Hidden Marriage Sweet Pampering: The Conglomerate’s Little Wife ( 隐婚甜宠:大财阀的小娇妻)
Author(s): Helan Yang Yang
Translator: CubbyFox
Editor: Waiting
Proofreader: Waiting

TL: Before You Read the chapter, in case if anyone confused
– Fu Shi Yi= Fu Shizhen= Male god= Third young master= 3rd Brother= Shan Sao

“Who has a child?” Gu Weiwei was a little absent-minded because of the kiss, she wasn’t fully awake.

“Shi Yi Male God, some people on Weibo photographed him to buy pregnancy test kit, and the internet has been blown up.” Ji Cheng cried.

Gu Weiwei looked at the culprit that still watching TV on the living room sofa, Fu Shiqin.

“Rest assured, is not Fu Shi Yi, it’s his brother Fu Shiqin who bought it.”

“Are you sure that really Second Young master, not third young master who buy it?” Ji Cheng sobs twice and said, “But he wears My Male God Shi Yi’s Clothes.”

”I 100% sure!.”

He bought it for her, so how can she not sure.

Fu Shiqin sat on the sofa and watched the entertainment news on TV. Two Hours ago in a big Fashion show, Fu Shizhen was on the red carpet.

Fu Shizhen is limelight, he wears a Dark blue suit, as soon he appears the fans screaming crazily.

At that time, he squinted at the camera, and his lips smirked. He already so handsome,but with this he looks like super handsome ruffians.

Fu Shiqin took a bowl of cotton candy, threw it into his mouth and chewed it, and stared at the TV.

“Arrogant bastard!”

On TV, Fu Shizen with bold elegant calligraphy style* signed his name and continued to shape it in front of the signature wall. (TL: O.O idk)

Fu Shiqin ate another candy and heard the host’s praising Fu Shizhen, he eyes full of disdains.


after Gu Weiwei hang up Ji Cheng phone call, she glanced at the people on the sofa.

“Are you two brothers is really from one mother’s?”

Fu Shiqin turned his face and glanced at her. muttering “Shi Yi Mom is Shi Qin mom, but Qin is Qin, even ghost know that.” (TL: Qin is Fu Shiqin)

Anyway, Fu Shizhen is his first tooth destroyer.

And his first girlfriend was get duked in the corner by Fu Shizhen.

Just finished watching, his cell phone rang, but he too lazy to reach out so take the speaker directly to the side.

In the phone came Fu Shizhen voice screaming anger and impatience.

” My dear Fu Second brother, YOU GOING TO DIE, why do you pretend TO BE ME? And Why don’t you buy a pregnancy TEST PACK?!”

“Who told you to be the same as me?” Fu Shiqin listened to Fu Shizhen’s mad voice, and his mood become good

“You see, I was too busy recently, So I have no time to go back and fight with you, YOU KNOW THAT, right?” Fu Shizhen screamed.

“After all, you’re only on the headlines for three days. Things like this, you are used to it for a long time, right?” Fu Shiqin stood up and spoke casually.

“Get used to your ass, now I have said that I am married and have children!” Fu Shizhen was so angry that he could not wait to throw the phone.

You know because they look alike,Fu Shizhen sometime also went out and deliberately using his Clothes and then make some trouble, but, in the end Fu Shiqin always gets the blame.

as everyone know he has more than dozen rumor to ridicule, But Half of it, is from Fu Shizhen who posing as him make trouble here and there.

“Is not that I want to buy it, is our brother order me to buy, so I don’t dare refuse it, right?”
Fu Shiqin glanced in the direction of the study room and said, “Do you have guts to throw fire at him?”

Fu Shizhen Stunned for a few seconds, lowered his voice and asked.

“Is my sister-in-law pregnant?”

“Son or daughter?”

“Is that really our brother child?”


“Not pregnant, I am happy,” Fu Shiqin said.

“I didn’t care about this time. Maybe we can be an uncle next time.” Fu Shizhen said and completely forgot the original intention of calling.

“In other words, the last time when I asked you to teach our elder brother, how to flirt Sister-in-law, Did you pass it to him or not?”

“How can I know which one you’re talking about?” Fu Shiqin said

“The most Important things between men and women are only two words, one is ‘do’, one is ‘love’, The more Love the more you do, The more you do the more love…”

“……” Gu Wei Wei, who was brushing her teeth from the bathroom, heard the Phone conversation of this two brothers.

She thought, perhaps when signing up for the Shiyi culture media, it was a BIG WRONG decision.
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