Sweet Pampering

Sweet Pampering 111

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Sweet Pampering 111
Hidden Marriage Sweet Pampering: The Conglomerate’s Little Wife ( 隐婚甜宠:大财阀的小娇妻)
Author(s): Helan Yang Yang
Translator: CubbyFox
Editor: Waiting
Proofreader: Waiting
I’m Sorry for super late update, In past a few days I’m sick, so I need to take a rest, I’m fine now, so here the new Chapter. o(^▽^)o

Because of the mock exam, the math score is the most terrible to see.

After dinner, Gu Weiwei took math practice book of the college entrance exam and began working on the questions.

Well, Although she has confidence in answering professional examination questions from the film academy,

But she is hopeless on her results of Cultural studies

In particular, Mu Weiwei Take a very long leave from school, she missed many lessons

She doesn’t have another burden, She can Handle Exam of English subject perfectly

And also about the lack score in ancient poetry, it has been solved, recently it was replaced by other subjects.

The only Problem left is Math, she can only rely on Fu Hanxi tutoring

She was very enthusiastic about working on math problems, Fu hanxi on side of windows, wearing earphone and look Video call with his foreign partner (Company). (TL: Partner Company? Company partner? O.O, well I just ignore it)

Fu hanxi see her looking at him from the reflected on the windows and ask gently

“Did it bother you?”

Gu Weiwei SHook her head, look down at the table and continue her lesson, she so embarrassed, she doesn’t realize her eyes looking at him

Fu Hanxi thin lips evoke a smile, take a wine glass, take a sip of the whiskey, and then continue to talk on the phone.

Gu Weiwei solves a few questions and felt her stomach getting more and more uncomfortable.

So she quietly out of the study room to go to the bathroom, her period that been late, finally arrived.

However, after she moves out to this home, her period never come so she did not prepare menstrual pad at all, look like she needs to buy it now

“It’s already so late, where are you going?”

Gu Weiwei took the umbrella and said, “I went out to buy something and I will come back soon.”

“It’s still raining outside. Just tell Wang Hao Buy it for you tomorrow.” Fu Hanxi looked cold.

“I… I can’t wait for tomorrow.” Gu Weiwei insisted.

Fu Hanxi looked at her hand over her lower abdomen, also her face Is paler, guess what she was going to buy.

“I’ll go, you stay at home.”

” What? You go?”

Gu Weiwei’s embarrassed is hard to imagine the picture of the biggest president’s (Company) in this country buy this kind of thing.

“I still go by myself buy this kind thing, it …. will only ruin your reputation.”

Fu Hanxi Carrying her to the Living room, and put her gently on the sofa, and then go to the kitchen take a cup of warm milk and give it to her before he leaving.

Gu Weiwei held the cup and waited for him to come back in a complicated mood.

The sweet hot milk dispels a bit of physical discomfort, and the mood is also inexplicably…warm, sweet.

After a half hours Fu Hanxi back with a full Big Bag

“What?…. why buy too many things?”

Not only he buys pads, but he also buys painkiller, but Ginger Candy, Brown Sugar and Sticker also relieve pain (Koyo)

Is he really never been with girl before

This kind of attention and care, he can be nominated as a perfect boyfriend (National Husband)

“I already call He Chi, he said this thing will help you.” Fu Hanxi Calmly said

She took her things and went to the bathroom.

In the past, when she sick Gu Shi Ting (Gu Shizen) will accompany and take care of her, but he never likes this.

After a while, she came out, Fu Hanxi Immediately gives her a brown sugar-water and took her math book to the living room.

“How much more? ” Fu Hanxi said

“Only one,” Gu Weiwei said, ready to pick up her book and continue her Lesson

“I will give you a solution, you can watch it on the side.” Fu Hanxi said.

She can see that basically, he want to tell her the point to solve this kind question, So she will not be wrong again for the second time, and Fortunately, her memory is very good.

Gu Weiwei nodded, sat beside him and listened attentively.

Fu Hanxi is not finished explaining, suddenly his hand hit by something warm

Look at the side, he saw the girl who supposed to listen his explaining is fallen asleep

He put down the pen, carefully carry the girl up, to her room door hesitantly.

Then, turn around and carrying her back to his own room.

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2) I’m sorry if I get mistranslated in some part, I’m not native both English and Chinese. I Already try my best.
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  1. Thank you for your hard work, I really like this novel so far. I also think I it is very impressive that you translate despite not being a native Chinese or English speaker :O one small comment regarding the language though. I think the translation works well. But if you could maybe look into when it is correct to use big letters? It gets hard to read when punctuation is incorrect and big letters appear (or don’t appear) when they should. For example: “and Fortunately, her memory is very good”. Why is Fortunately with big letter? And sometimes you write Fu Hanxi with big letters, sometimes with small (wrong). I hope this isn’t taken as critisicm, I just want to make a small suggestion that would make it easier to read.

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