Sweet Pampering

Sweet Pampering 112

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Sweet Pampering 112

Hidden Marriage Sweet Pampering: The Conglomerate’s Little Wife ( 隐婚甜宠:大财阀的小娇妻)
Author(s): Helan Yang Yang
Translator: CubbyFox
Editor: Alwaysminimin
Proofreader: Waiting


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Fu Hanxi put the girl on the bed. He then moved his hand to fix the unruly hair near the girl’s cheeks and sighed lightly.

What was wrong with him?

Obviously, he felt very disgusted with her before, but suddenly he couldn’t stand being far from her not even for a moment.

All of her childish actions became very cute and her random bullshit seemed very funny. Even her unreasonable actions made her seem innocent.

In short, he liked everything about her (from what he sees to what he hears, he liked it all.)

As an adult, he was not supposed to have such irrational thoughts.

Fu Shiqin laughed at him before because of his actions. He was the one who wanted to get rid of her, but now he was the one who wanted to strongly keep the girl close to him. It was liked he slapped himself in the face.

But this was really the first time he ever treated a girl like this…….so he will not give her up.

Even though he knows that she does not have him in her heart, he will still keep her by his side.

As Gu Weiwei was sleeping, she felt a bit cold and moved around to find someplace warmer. As she was moving, she ended up in the embrace of the man. Not knowing that she was currently in the arms of a man she continued sleeping, feeling satisfied and warm.

Fu Hanxi looked at the way she slept and laughed at himself.

He did not expect what had happened today, and he did not plan to lay his hands on a teenage girl.

In the morning, Fu Hanxi woke up to his alarm ringing. He looked at the girl who was still sleeping in his arms and did not want to get up.

So after looking at the time, he decided to stay with her for a while.

Gu Weiwei slept in a daze. With her eyes still closed, she shifted her body and was now closer to the man’s neck. She moved around until she felt comfortable.

Fu Hanxi took a deep breath. Did she know that in the morning a man, especially him, could not stand this kind of action.

He looked at her for a moment and thought that it was now time to wake her up. He slightly lowered himself and kissed her lips gently.

The half-awake Gu Weiwei did not realize what was happening and the danger of her actions. She only felt something warm on her lips and opened her mouth in response to the warm thing.

Originally it was just supposed to be a good morning kiss, however it turned into a passionate kiss.

When the man’s lips kissed her deeper, she sensed that something was wrong and opened her eyes.

“…… hmm”

When she opened her eyes, she saw Fu Hanxi’s face in front of her. With her eyes wide open she was so scared and did not know how he was in her bed.

Fu Hanxi ended the kiss and looked at the girl who was in an awkward state at the moment. While laughing he reminded her that she needed to get up.

“If you don’t get up now, you’ll be late for school.”

Gu Weiwei got up and looked around. She found that Fu Hanxi was not in her bed, but she was on Fu Hanxi’s bed instead.

Turning her head, she glanced at the lazy and handsome man on the bed. Does he need to wake her up like that?!

If she was not on her period, would he have of done “it” with her? Good thing she was on her period.

She ran back to her room in a panic and changed her clothes, washed herself quickly, and grabbed her schoolbag. She was ready to go out.

Fu Hanxi changed his clothes and sat leisurely in the dining room waiting.

“Eat breakfast, I’ll give you a ride.”

“It’s too late, I can’t eat.” Gu Weiwei said.

“The rain hasn’t stopped yet, are you going to run to school in the rain?” Fu Hanxi said in a heavier tone.

Gu Weiwei looked at the living room window and obediently walked to the dining room and sat down for breakfast.

Fu Hanxi did not eat. When she finished eating, he took her downstairs and drove her to school.

“If it still rains in the afternoon, Xu Qian will come to pick you up.”

“No need, I can call a taxi later.”

“It is not safe.” Fu Hanxi stopped the car and took out an umbrella and handed it to her.

Gu Weiwei took the umbrella and asked some questions since she was curious.

“Fu Hanxi, why are you are so good at taking care of girls…… have you really never been in a relationship before?”

“Before I was not interested, but now I am.”

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