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Sweet Pampering 23

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Hidden Marriage Sweet Pampering: The Conglomerate’s Little Wife ( 隐婚甜宠:大财阀的小娇妻)
Author(s): Helan Yang Yang
translator : CubbyFox
Editor: Arutia

The shattering sound made Fu Hanxi look at them.

Gu Wei Wei hurriedly tried to clean up the pieces of glass on the ground to cover up her suspicious reaction, but her face showed an angry expression and was deathly pale.

However, her last memory before she died just kept repeating in her brain. So even though her hands were cut, she did not feel any pain at all.

Fu Hanxi walked towards her and caught her hand that was bleeding.


Fu Shiqin took a paper towel and went to find a band-aid. While Xu Qian quickly cleaned up the broken pieces on the ground.

Fu Hanxi wiped the blood from her hand and wrapped the wound with a band-aid. He saw that the girl was pale and tears were starting to form around her eyes. She seemed to be enduring an unbearable pain.

Fu Hanxi was slightly stunned and he looked at Xu Qian.

“Make a call to He Chi.”

Fu Shiqin scratched his head strangely. “Is it even painful with such a small cut?”

She used to climb the window in the old house, even when she fell so badly from the second floor, she never cried. So why is she acting like this today?

Xu Qian dialed Fu’s private doctor and handed it over to Fu Hanxi.

Fu Hanxi: “I’ll give you twenty minutes to come to the Jinxiu Apartment.”

At the other end of the phone, Hechi complained sleepily.

“President Fu, I did four operations, and just got off from work. Can you give me some mercy and just go to the emergency department?”

“The situation is urgent, you must come.” Fu Hanxi’s voice was a little cold.

He Chi took a deep breath and asked when he got up at the other side.

“What are the symptoms of the patient?”

“Traumatic bleeding, pale.”

“How did she get hurt, how much CC blood loss?” (CC kind of estimates the blood loss)

Fu Hanxi thought about it and said.

“Shard cuts, probably…3CC.”

The person on the phone who was ready to go out was so angry that he wanted to drop the phone.

“I’m a godly doctor, why not just give it a band-aid?”

“You still have 18 minutes, or your new research will not be funded.”

After speaking, Fu Hanxi hanged up the phone directly.

Seventeen minutes later, an unkempt spectacled man entered the door with a sigh of relief and glanced at Fu Hanxi.

“Make sure you don’t fall on my operating table in the future.”

Otherwise, he will cut him without mercy.

Fu Hanxi ignored his threat and pointed to Gu Weiwei, who was still pale in the sofa and silent.

He Chi went forward to uncover the band-aid, looked at the wound, and diagnosed it.

“There is nothing wrong with the wound. She may have been a little scared. She will be fine in awhile.”

“Frightened?!” Fu Shiqin exclaimed. She just broke a bowl and scared herself like this?

Not long ago he was injured and got hospitalized, but his brother did work like normal and didn’t even visit him at all.

But now, Mu Weiwei  just cut herself and shed a few drops of blood from her fingers; he called He Chi, and also delayed the working hours despite being a super busy time for the company.

His big brother’s concern is a bit too much.

Gu Weiwei finally calmed down, got up and said:

“I’m fine, just go.”

After saying that, she went back to her room and locked the door.

He Chi looked at the girl’s back, then looked at Fu Hanxi sideways.

“Your illegitimate daughter?”

There are still girls in the world who can make Fu Hanxi so nervous? That is amazing.

Fu Hanxi squinted coldly, “No.”

Fu Shiqin was scared by the words of He Chi, and he gulp his saliva and explained.

“Maybe she will be his girlfriend in the future.”

“Girlfriend?” He Chi asked in surprise while trying to grab a small dumpling. He even dared to question,

“He’s not…GAY?”


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And thats how He Chi dug his own grave guys LOL.
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