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Sweet Pampering 27

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Hidden Marriage Sweet Pampering: The Conglomerate’s Little Wife ( 隐婚甜宠:大财阀的小娇妻)
Author(s): Helan Yang Yang
translator: CubbyFox

However, before she went to the door, Wang Weidong screams like a Pig.

Zhou Meiqin stepped back and went back. The girl who had no rebellious power just now pull Wang Weidong’s hair and slammed the man into the wall.

Wang Weidong has been hit and there some trace of blood, and his eyes will fall.

“Wang Dong? Wang Dong?”

Zhou Meiqin screamed on the ground, Wang Weidong completely fainted, She See at Gu Weiwei with angered eyes.

“Do you know how important this is? Are you deliberately asking the whole family to suffer with you?”

They spent a lot of effort to get up with Wang Dong, and now is messed up.

“Since you want me to suffer, then everyone will suffer.”

Gu Weiwei took a piece of paper towel and slowly wiped the blood on her hand.

Because she was kidnapped when she was a child, Gu family arranged a martial arts master to teach her self-defense so that she could get out of danger.

However, after many years everywhere she walk, even if she just sneak out, there are always Bodyguards with her.

The martial arts She learned has never been used, and today it is worthy of use.

“You… have you already drink that glass of wine?”

Zhou Meiqin saw her eyes clear, not like the appearance of a drug attack.

She saw her drinking from the crack in the door, with that much wine, she should have no strength to beat people.

“I just drank it, but I spit it out again.”

She knew that Zhou Linna wouldn’t be so kind. She drank the champagne in front of her face, just let her put her heart off and turned to the bathroom to spit it out.

Although she had spit out the lunch she had eaten, but when they came out, they showed their true colors.

Originally, she just left the matter directly, and Zhou Linna could not stop her.

However, she would like to stay and see what tricks they want to play.

They thought that they could be left with glory, and weiwei get all bad things.

Zhou Meiqin looked at the girl’s cold as the devil’s eyes, and could not help but feel a little cold.

“Look condition now, I kindly to find a place where you can have a good life. Not only don’t appreciate it, you also dare to hurt people?”

“Is it?” Gu Weiwei sneered, step by step approaching.

“Mrs. Li, you Really kind.”

Zhou Meiqin instinctively began to retreat, retired into the bedroom inside, wanted to lock the door and call for help, but Gu Weiwei opened the door and chased it in.

Gu Weiwei glanced at the various fun tools on the bed, and took a piece of fun handcuffs while playing, while laughing.

“Mrs. Li is thinking about me, of course, I have to pay back what you want.”

After that, she pushed Zhou Meiqin to the bed and put her one hand on the bed, and took another hand to put her other hand on the other side.

Although Zhou Meiqin is older than her, she has been pampered for many years and she is powerless to resist.

“Muwei, what are you doing, your dad will not let you go.”

“From the time he sleep with you, he not my dad. since that he is my dad, you are my godmother, you are disgusting, I am not.”

Gu Weiwei made strong ties, and went out to find the scissors and sat next to Zhou Meiqin.

Zhou Meiqin stared at the sharp scissors in her hand, and some of her fears shivered, and she still insisted on the innocence of the village standard.

“I have never asked the family to help me. They are all voluntarily. I am really in love with your dad. If we want to hurt your mother, we have already…”

“The deaf person is equipped with a dog. Forever, you are of course true love.”
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