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Sweet Pampering 31

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Hidden Marriage Sweet Pampering: The Conglomerate’s Little Wife ( 隐婚甜宠:大财阀的小娇妻)

Author(s): Helan Yang Yang

translator : CubbyFox

Editor : Yezsa

Raymond at the other end of the phone, got a little confused and asked, “Which Li family?”

His boss personally ordered to investigate Li family, but he recalls that there’s no such big family with surname Li in this country.

“Longsheng Group Li Household.” Fu Hanxi explained.

Raymond was shocked, with the Fu Group’s position in China why would it suddenly catch up with a small company like the Longsheng Group?

“I’ll start investigation now and report the results tomorrow.”

Fu Hanxi hung up the phone and looked at the girl that had fallen asleep on the hospital bed. He remembered the scene in the hospital parking lot and sighed angrily.

What happened to him today? He got lost because a kiss from a little girl.

He gets upset every time he saw her before. However, she did help them escape trouble, telling them the painting was a fake, not only that she also helped them complete cooperation with the Wilson’s Group. He began to wonder what kind of person she was.

When he saw her again in the apartment yesterday, he turned out to be… a little surprise.

At 3 AM, Gu Weiwei began to have a fever, and Fu Hanxi called He Chi again.

After a while, He Chi took the thermometer and handed it to Hanxi.

“First measure her body temperature.”

Fu Hanxi: “You are a doctor, just do what doctors should do.”

“Oke, then I do it.”

He Chi go to the bedside, and slowly try to unbutton weiwei’s Pajama.

“What are you doing?” Fu Hanxi looked a little cold.

He Chi with Inocent  face. “Trying to take temperature? How can I put a thermometer on the surface of the clothes?”

“Call the nurse.”

“There’s only a male nurse now.” He Chi said.


He has to unbutton her pajamas to place the thermometer. “Do not worry, the doctors do not distinguish between men and women.”

Fu Hanxi approached and took the thermometer in his hand.

“Go away.”

He Chi walked away, went to the side of the sofa and waited, and sigh.

“When Your brother Fu Shiqin was hospitalized because he had a broken leg. You did not even visit him. Now this little girl sick, you are personally taking care of her. Did you ever think about your brother’s feelings?”

Fu Hanxi focused on the thermometer. After that he took the thermometer and handed it to Hechi. Then he gave Gu Weiwei a blanket.

He Chi looked at it. “She really has a fever. I am going to take the antipyretic and Fever stickers. You have to feed her more water and help her reduce the fever.”

After a while, a male nurse come to give the antipyretics and fever stickers, since He Chi had some emergency.

Fu Hanxi buttoned the cuff, rolled up his sleeves and poured a glass of water, sat on the edge of the bed and raised the sleeping girl to sit facing him.

Give her an antipyretic, then give her a cup of water before put her down.

After Half hours, he followed He chi’s advice and helped her drink water.

At dawn, Gu Weiwei opened her eyes in exhaustion and saw a glass of water next to her lips.

She was really thirsty, so she took a sip of the cup and looked up at the person who gave her water. She was immediately coughed.

Fu Hanxi put down the cup and patted her back.

Gu Wei Wei found that she was almost in a hanzi hug and sat upright.

She didn’t know it before, because she was very thirsty. She got very embarrassed as her face turned red.

Fu Hanxi watched her wake up and handed her half a glass of water that she had not finished drinking.


Gu Weiwei held the water glass in a messy way, remembering that she had been drinking water a few times.

Is Hanxi the one giving her drink all night?

With this position like that?

Not only drinking water, but also in the apartment last night, he took her out of the bathtub and changed her clothes, and in the hospital parking last night she lost her senses and kissed Fu Hanxi, then almost ‘ate’ hanxi in the car…

Thinking about it, Weiwei had a bad feeling.

I’m not good using English Grammar, so if you find some wrong please kindly Leave comment what should I fix in this translation. 🙂

Thanks again Yezsa for helping Edit this Chapther

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  1. The english grammar is not great but its fine as long as it is readable! I can offer some help, maybe after i finish reading all the chapters available, ill go back and edit some of your work. Just check the comment box later on.

  2. I am quite impressed by your translations. Sure there are a couple of grammar mistakes, but considering how neither English nor Chinese are not your native tongue I can put them aside. Thank you for taking the time to do this!

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