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Sweet Pampering 37

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Hidden Marriage Sweet Pampering: The Conglomerate’s Little Wife ( 隐婚甜宠:大财阀的小娇妻)
Author(s): Helan Yang Yang
translator: CubbyFox
Editor : [waiting Yezsa]

Gu Weiwei shocked,no time to resist, his hot tongue had been wrap around her soft tongue, and she can feels His warm breath.

She step back and tried to escape, but the man leaned over and finally she almost fell on the table.

She almost falling, but Hanxi hold her and place her head on table her head to prevent her head from colliding.

But, the kiss is very passionate.

Gu Weiwei push his chest down, But Failed Push him away, She grab his bathrobe collar make it loose, make her hand touched his bare tight chest muscles.

In a hurry, she bit the man’s lips, and the salty taste spread between the lips.

Fu Hanxi had a pain, which loosened his lips, and rubbed his hand to wipe the blood on his lips. The eyebrows were a little bit pleasant.

Then, he pulled her up and sat down, but did let her go.

Gu Weiwei stared at him angry and gasped with a big mouth. “What do you want to confirm?”

The thin lips of a man are dye with red blood, and the eyebrows are light and smiling. The whole person is mad and arrogant.

“Check if I am interested in you.”

And He tasted Something delicious beyond imagination.

Gu Weiwei took a deep breath and forced herself to calm down and said “Fu, in the past I used seduce and Annoyed you. I apologize to you, but now I am not interested in you, not at all!”

Fu Hanxi stretched out his fingertips and put the messy hair on the side of the girl’s face behind his ear. The lips evoked a few smiles. “If it is because my ‘performance’ is not gentle that night, give another chance, i will make you satisfied.”

Oh, this man thinking as a Gentleman but take a girl’s first night rough.

Gu Weiwei was a little angry and shivering. She was already trying to stay away from this dangerous man. She didn’t know where it started, and it became such awkward relationship.

“Fu, I used to cling to you, but I want change Everything.”

“Now, you can continue it (Cling to Hanxi).”

Fu Hanzi looked into the eyes of the girl with sparkling eyes, with patience and gentleness in his tone. “I can help you get back to everything, and also help you deal with those people, provided that… You are my woman.”

“No, I already learn from The Li Family. can’t trust the rich man, so I have to rely on my own ability to get back what belongs to me.” Gu Weiwei know that she can’t win from hanxi, so she suppressed anger, but inside She wants to beat this person now.

“Now, please let me go.”

“On your own ability?” Fu Hanxi laughed. “I can make you difficult in this Country.”

“The president of the Fu Corps, why must deal with me, I only a little teenage girl?” Gu Weiwei gritted his teeth.

“Businessmen are treacherous, so they will use anything to get what they want.” Fu Hanxi seems laugh a little.

Gu Weiwei stared cold at the man’s deep black sorrow. “Then you can make me die, anyway, I already lost so much, and it’s no big deal to lose a life.”

Fu Hanxi took her from the table and reached out and touched her head to show her appeasement.

“Go to sleep, good night.”

Gu Weiwei rush back to the room, locked the door, also she rush put all the table cabinets in the room behind the door.

Mu Weiwei wants to kill him.

Now that Fu Hanxi already sleep with her, it was like the animal that had release from the seal. The period of the special thing was reach.

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