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Hidden Marriage Sweet Pampering: The Conglomerate’s Little Wife ( 隐婚甜宠:大财阀的小娇妻)
Author(s): Helan Yang Yang
translator : CubbyFox
Editor : [waiting Yezsa]

A minute later, Gu Weiwei replay : Your brother’s fire start burning , you have to find some sisters to cut the fire!

Fu Shiqin look at his own brother who was talking, and then returned to phone: He is with you. He irritated by me and He Chi yesterday, so He went to you to prove his power.

Gu Weiwei replay : Goodbye, it has been dead-end.

Meeting already ended, Xu Qian was rush to the company, and Fu Shiqin was confuse. “Xu Xu, you are never late, how come you are so late today?”

“Help the boss send flowers.” Xu Qian smiled back.

After He said that, many executives not leave Meeting room, Instead Come to Xu Qian and ask

“2nd master, is the president in love?”

“The wound on the president’s mouth is a girl biting?”

“Xu assistant, is the girl beautiful? which Family daughter so lucky?”


“Crap, is my brother’s girlfriend, how can she not beautiful?” Fu Shiqin proud said that the expression is more proud than his own girlfriend.

“2nd master, can you tell me, which Family daughter?” The director of human resources smiled.

This is the heir first girlfriend, the future president’s wife.

“The secret can not be leak.” Fu Shiqin shouted.

Only Half day, News about Big Boss Fu Hanxi have girlfriend spread all over head Office,
a group of female staff members of Public Relation looks very envious about it.

Meng Ruya did not attend the morning meeting, and arrived at noon, so she didn’t know what happened. she told the staff about the work and said, “I have something in the afternoon, and you have to finish it yourself.”

“I heard from Manager Meng that will going to see Mrs. Fu?” said a female staff envious.

Meng Ruya chuckled. “The lady said that a private club with friends opened last night and wanted to take me to a party.”

“Mr. Meng lived in Fu’s house last night?” another female staff asked.

Meng Ruya nodded and smiled. “There is a family dinner. It’s a bit late, so I stay there.”

She pick word but still show off about the close relationship with Fu family.

“Miss Meng… this morning did president sending Flower to you ?” A female staff listen her said that she lived in Fu’s house last night and linked the gossip that was circulate this morning to her.

Meng Ruya smiles, does not recognize, but … does not deny.

“Miss Meng, you don’t admit it. The whole company knows that the president is in love. In the morning, he let Xu assistant to send the flowers, and now you bring the flowers to the company.”

“You stayed at Fu’s house last night. Today, Mrs. Fu and Miss Meng are meets, When the good news get announced?”

“Miss Meng, are you will be our president’s wife?”


Meng Ruya’s gentle smile was a bit stiff. “Who told you that this flower sent by the president?”

“Xu Asisstant is late for work today, and someone ask him. He said that he helped the president send flowers to his girlfriend.”

“And ah, Director Lin said that the president’s mouth has bitten mark,is from kiss with someone. Yesterday, Manager Meng is at Fu house, if not you who else?”

“Well, I am busy with work. I have come to pick up my aunt.” Meng Ruya took the flowers and left the office in an envious look.

As soon as the door was open, the flowers get thrown in Trashcan.

This flower, she bought it for a while to give is as a gift. It wasn’t sent by Fu Hanxi, and he didn’t return to Fu’s house last night.

She get rid some bug, which bug dare come to block her way now?
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