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Sweet Pampering 44

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Hidden Marriage Sweet Pampering: The Conglomerate’s Little Wife ( 隐婚甜宠:大财阀的小娇妻)

Author(s): Helan Yang Yang

translator : CubbyFox

Editor : Etereal

Ch 44

All female guests looked at MG’s leather bag that was badly cut, and they felt that it was a pity.

MG is a top luxury brand. In recent years, very few products were released. Hence, the price is getting more and more expensive, and even if you have the money, it’s difficult to buy it.

“Normal leather bags of MG is more than 900k Yuan.”  (TL’s: 900k=900,000)

“If there are less than ten in the world, it will cost more than a million yuan.”

“MG has not release anything new these few years. But once a new item is released, its cost will definitely be sky-high. This little girl is too ruthless. Just because I said a few words, she ruined other people’s bag.”


At the start, it was because of Wu Xiulian’s words that the female guests were hostile to Gu Weiwei.

“Mu Weiwei, this bag costs 1.8 million. Now even with 2 million, it is impossible to buy the same bag. Yet, you made it like this?” Meng Ruya asked with anger.

That is her bag, which she lent to her mother today.

Gu Weiwei threw the fork on the table with no regret of what she did. “If she apologized to me, then this would not have happened. Why blame it on me?”

“I say a few words to you, then you destroy my bag. Then if I say a few more words, will you use a knife to hurt people?” Wu Xiulian looked at the broken bag with heartache.

Madam Fu and Madam Ming, the host banquet today, also quickly rushed over. They saw that Wu Xiulian was very angry and asked.

“Ruya, what happened?”

Meng Ruya grieved. She pointed to the ruined bag and said, “My mother saw Weiwei sneaked in and sincere advised her to leave and not cause trouble here. However, she was not happy and took a knife to scratch my mother’s bag. This is MG’s leather bag which is so hard to buy.”

Madam Fu was born in elite noble family. Of course, she knows the famous MG luxury brand. In these years, MG rarely releases new products, so their products are even more rare and extravagant.

Mother Meng came with this bag today, even she is a little envious of this bag.

“Mu Weiwei, did you really did this?”

“She said that I specialised in seducing rich and powerful men. I want her to apologize.” Gu Weiwei was arrogant and did not feel that she is wrong.

Wu Xiulian’s words were disgusting, and this bag made her feel disgusted.

“People just said a few words and you become like this. This is the banquet of Ming family and not the place for you to create trouble.” Madam Fu yelled.

When Mu Weiwei used to cause trouble at Fu’s house, she tolerate it. Now she is doing such a shameful thing at other people’s banquets, the Fu Family will also be embarrassed.

The bag is also ruined, how will she compensate for it? She will definitely look for this old lady to pay for her.

“Say a few words?” Gu Weiwei smiled cold, and coughed twice. Then let me ask you. “Today she said one sentence that I seduce rich men. However, everyone will added words and vinegar to rumour after today.

I obviously didn’t do such a thing. In the future, when I work, date and marry someone, woman will point to me and say that I am a fox who seduce men. Man will think that I am an easy girl who targets people’s money. I am not like this, but people will believe rumours. Hence, shouldn’t you apologize for it? ”

What’s more, she will enter the entertainment circle in the future. Everything that happened today has to be clear.

“You do not think like that, why you did not stayed at home and study. You came to this big party and tell me that you don’t have motive?” Wu Xiulian said.

She was driven out by Fu’s family and have nowhere to go. Now she want to find another rich man here to keep her.


Ji Cheng and Luo Qianqian came back from the toilet and saw a group of people surrounding Gu Weiwei. They heard what Wu Xiulian said and squeezed into the crowd to stand in front of Gu Weiwei.

“Who do you accuse of sneaking in? Weiwei is invited by my cousin, and my grandfather brought her in. Do you still dare to say that she sneaked in?”


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