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Sweet Pampering 45

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Hidden Marriage Sweet Pampering: The Conglomerate’s Little Wife ( 隐婚甜宠:大财阀的小娇妻)

Author(s): Helan Yang Yang

translator : CubbyFox

Editor : Etereal

Chapter 45

Wu Xiulian looked at Meng Ruya, uncertain if what Ji Cheng said was true.

Meng Ruya is the manager of the public relations department after all. She should be good in managing problems.

“She is dressed like this and when she entered, and she didn’t show her invitation card. Who knows if she was invited or if she sneaked in?”

Madam Fu looked at Madam Ming and answered in low voice, “Did you really invite her?”

This clubhouse is owned by Mingye (ED: Ji Cheng’s cousin). If the host personally invited them, they were really not qualified to protest.

Madam Ming thought about it and said, “I don’t know. The old man did say that he would bring a girl to meet Xiao Ye.”

Ji Cheng saw that the people around are still in doubt, and she called out to her grandfather and cousin that are coming from a distance. “Grandpa, this woman actually dared to call Weiwei an intruder and even badmouthed her.”

“I was the one who brought her here. If you say that she shouldn’t come, isn’t it the same as telling me that I shouldn’t come?” Ming Zongyuan said with a sullen face.

Originally, he was going to bring her on a blind date with his grandson. Yet, these people are making a ruckus and scaring away the little girl. Who will compensate him for the loss of his potential granddaughter-in-law.

“Dad, it is a misunderstanding. Please blame me for my carelessness.” Madam Ming quickly helped Ming Zongyuan to sit down.

Ming Ye wore a black formal suit, with the golden glasses. He rushed to Gu Weiwei’s side and apologized, “I’m so sorry, I was the one who invited you can yet this kind of things happened. Please let me take care of this.”

Gu Weiwei smiled warmly and said, “I was the one who was impulsive and caused trouble for you.”

The female guests that believed Wu Xiulian’s words and gang up on Mu Weiwei felt embarrassed.

They actually thought that this little girl was a fox who seduce men. However, she is already on a blind date with the Ming Family’s grandson. Does she still need to seduce other men?

Although the Ming family was not involved in the politics, one of the two sons has a high position in the army, while the other son has an important official position.

Mingye is old man Ming’s favourite grandson. He was obviously very satisfied with this little girl.

As the owner of the clubhouse, Mingye stood up and said, “Now please resolved any misunderstanding you have. As for the bag that Miss Mu spoiled, I will compensate you for it.”

“That woman said that Weiwei seduced men. When did you see my family’s Weiwei seducing man?” Ji Cheng glare at Wu Xiulian and Meng Ruya.

If this messes up the blind date between the Great God and my cousin, I will kill this two women.

Gu Weiwei’s mouth trembled. She saw that Ji Cheng was angrier than herself. She was really not part of her family. Why does she keep saying that we are a family?

“The reputation of a girl is very important. Since Mother Meng said it, it is better to come to a conclusion. Who did she have an unclear relationship with? We should explain everything until it’s clear as crystal.  If there is nothing else, please apologize now.”

Ming old man held his crutches and straighten his back said, “You have a daughter too. Why must you ruin the reputation of a nineteen year old girl for no reason? What kind of attitude is this?

Madam Fu said, “Old Ming, it’s a misunderstanding. Mother Meng spoke wrongly and Weiwei also ruined her bag. So, everyone is considered even. Please don’t destroy your banquet just because of a small matter.”

She really did not expect that Mu Weiwei would gain so much favour from Oldman Ming that he would even introduce her to be Mingye’s girlfriend.

Gu Weiwei listened, but did not intend to settle the matter in this way. She said, “Mother Meng, if you just apologize to me, I will pay for this bag.”

“You pay?” Wu Xiulian mocked, “Letting Oldman Ming pay for you, you are really shameless.”

“I am saying that I will compensate you, not other people.” Gu Weiwei said in a deep voice.

Madam Fu wrinkled her eyes unpleasantly.

She refused to let the Ming family pay it. It seemed that she was wants this old lady to pay. She was driven out by the Li family. She does not have any money to pay.

Ji Cheng looked at Gu Weiwei in worry. This bag is almost 2 million yuan, but how does she have the money to pay for it.

Wu Xiulian looked at her daughter. She knows that she should not create more trouble and cause the Ming family to lose face. Hence, she clench her teeth and said, “Yes, I wrongly accuse you of seducing men. It never happened. I apologize.”

Meng Ruya saw her mother being humiliated in front of so many political and business famous people. She clench her teeth in hatred. “Mu Weiwei, my mother has apologized. Now, how will you pay for this bag?”


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