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Sweet Pampering 47

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Hidden Marriage Sweet Pampering: The Conglomerate’s Little Wife ( 隐婚甜宠:大财阀的小娇妻)
Author(s): Helan Yang Yang
translator: CubbyFox
Editor: Etereal

Chapter 47

“Has the test results come out? How much does Mu Weiwei have to pay?” Wu Xiulian pulled Meng Ruya and asked.

Mingye looked at Gu Weiwei in surprise and explained to Wu Xiulian, “Mother Meng, this bag is not officially sold by MG. It is an imitation.”

“How is this possible? I spent more than a million to buy it.” Wu Xiulian could not believe it and took a look at the bag again. “How could this be fake? The material used and the brand logo are exactly the same.”

“Xiulian, forget it.” Grandma Fu pulled the shocked Mother Meng.

She knows English, and she also understood the conversation with MG’s customer service staff.

“She said that if I apologize, she will pay for this bag. Now she does not want to pay the bill?” Wu Xiulian is not reconciled. She lost her face and had apologized to her. Now she still cannot receive her compensation?

“Mom, stop arguing…” Meng Ruya had a headache as she pulled her mother. She felt so ashamed that she wants to leave this place immediately.

The original plan is make Mu Weiwei lose face and make Madam Fu hate her completely. So that in the future, she will have a hard time finding anyone to date or marry in this high class circle.

However, she was the one that was embarrassed in the end. She was so angry that wanted to kill that devil girl. However, in the front of so many people, she had to endure it.

A group of guests looked at Wu Xiulian’s unwilling look. They could not help but laugh. The MG official staff already said that they did not sell this bag, and yet she still wants Mu Weiwei to compensate her.

A female guest in a black dress, walked in with a glass of wine and explained, “Mother Meng, Miss Mu does not need to compensate you, but rather you have to compensate MG.”

At the previous gathering, she planned to get close to Fu Hanxi. Meng Ruya relied on her relationship with Grandma Fu come to this big party. Now karma came to bite her.

“What did you say?!” Wu Xiulian was horrified. Mu Weiwei was the one who broke her bag, but now why do they have to compensate MG?

The female guests in the black dress smiled and sipped her wine. She explained to the guests who did not understand.

“Martin Green (MG) has signed a contract five years ago with the private designer of the Gu Shi Group, a big family in the country A. All works designed during the contract period that is not officially sold are private possession of the family.

Last year, this bag was used by Gu’s Daughter, Miss Gu Weiwei to attended the royal banquet of country A.

A small designer who left MG, imitated this bag and sold it at a high price. The bag you bought is the fake bag from him. The only genuine bag is with Gu Weiwei.

Two months ago, S country’s famous singer Deborah used this model of bag to attend her new album conference. She was sued by MG and Gu Shi Group, and she had to pay more than 4 million yuan for compensation. MG officially announced in the official website last month that this model is not the genuine bag and is currently gathering all the imitations.”

It was unknown if Wu Xiulian was so scared or angry that she almost faint. “How could…how could this be? We also spend money for it.”

The female guest of the black dress smug and said, “MG always attached great importance to the brand image. Miss Gu also hates to use the same model items that others used. Hence, Gu Master hired Martin Green as the family’s private designer to design only unique and special item for the family.

MG’s lawyers plus Gu family’s lawyers. How much you have to pay, will depend on your luck. ”

Wu Xiulian heard she has offended the Gu Family, immediately dropped the bag in her hand.

No matter how ignorant she is, she knows how terrifying the power of Gu family is. They have a title in the country of A and they are also a famous tycoon. Anyone that provokes them will not have a good ending.

Gu Weiwei coldly looked at the beautiful and expensive leather bag on the floor. She hates this bag.

Because Ling Xiao loved the bag so much that she couldn’t put it down after seeing it. Ling Xiao asked her to give her that bag.

That woman wanted the same things as her and finally also asked for my life and my heart.

When she saw Wu Xiulian holding this bag in front of her. She was in a bit of a terrible mood.

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