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Sweet Pampering 51

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Hidden Marriage Sweet Pampering: The Conglomerate’s Little Wife ( 隐婚甜宠:大财阀的小娇妻)

Author(s): Helan Yang Yang
Translator : CubbyFox
Editor : Etereal

Chapter 51

Fu Shengying fixed his glasses and looked carefully at Fu Hanxi’s face in the photo. The wound on his mouth was very obvious.

“Are you sure that your brother found a GIRLFRIEND?”

“Then do you wish for my brother to find a BOYFRIEND?” Fu Shiqin was frightened by his father’s thoughts. He said very seriously, “It is a girl, and it is a very beautiful girl.”

Fu Shengying nodded, “That’s good. As long as it’s not the Gu family’s daughter, he can marry anyone he likes.”

Mrs Fu looked at her husband and said seriously, “The daughter of the Gu family is definitely not allowed, and Mu Weiwei is also unacceptable.” (TL: Madam/Mrs Fu doesn’t know that the girl is Weiwei, she’s just want Meng Ruya)

Fu Shiqin gently stoked his eyebrows. The person that his brother likes is Mu Weiwei.

When he was about to say something, the phone rang again. He saw the caller ID and immediately answered the call with great respect.

“Older brother, what instructions do you have for me?”

“Is her cold gone?” Fu Hanxi’s tone was down. It seemed that his mood wasn’t that good.

“I haven’t seen her. How would I know if she is well?”

“Then, go and see her now.” Fu Hanxi said coldly.

“My dear brother, it is now almost twelve midnight. Why don’t you call her personally?”

Fu Hanxi, on the other end of the call was silent for a while, and he said, “She blacklisted me.”

Fu Shiqin who had a mouthful of rice in his mouth, froze for two seconds. Then, he laughed and spat his food out. He drank a sip of water, and swallowed with difficulty. He held in his laughter and said,

“Then, call the apartment’s telephone number. She should be at home now.”

Fu Hanxi paused again for a few seconds, then said, “The telephone line was unplugged.”

Fu Shiqin held his phone. He laughed so much that his stomach was in pain. To think that his brother will also have this day.

This depressed voice, why does he feel so happy to hear it?

“Fu Shiqin! I dare you to laugh again!” Fu Hanxi shouted coldly.

Even though he didn’t hear a sound, he could still imagine what Fu Shiqin was doing now.

Fu Shiqin cleared his throat and stopped smiling. “About that … It’s already too late today. I’ll help you visit her tomorrow.”

In the past, why didn’t he think that his brother and Mu Weiwei were interesting?

“Okay.” Fu Hanxi answered weakly and ended the call.

Fu Shiqin put down his phone and said to his parent that were sitting opposite from him, “Look! Look! He didn’t forget to call from abroad just to check if his girlfriend’s cold was gone. This kind of treatment … which family member experienced it?”

“…A cold?” Mrs Fu remembered that she saw Gu Weiwei at the clubhouse today. Her voice sounded like she had a slight cold.

However, the thought quickly disappeared. It can’t be her. Hanxi really hated her. Her son will never like that trouble making brat.

Fu Shengying folded the newspaper and asked curiously, “Which family’s daughter is she? Did your brother say when he will introduce her to us?”

Fu Shiqin looked at Mrs Fu. She doesn’t like Mu Weiwei. If she finds out that his brother likes Weiwei, he will have to obstruct his mother. He should just wait for his brother to tell them.

“Now, my brother hasn’t won her over yet. However, with my brother’s efficiency, I’m sure he will introduce her to you soon. Perhaps, you will have grandchildren next year.”

His brother never hesitates for long. Once he decided on something, he will always achieve his goal.

Therefore, it doesn’t matters how much Mu Weiwei struggles. She will never be able to escape from his brother’s palm.

“Shiqin, follow me for a while.” Grandma Fu stood up and left the dining room.

Fu Shiqin obediently followed her. “Grandma, what’s wrong? You even ask me to follow you.”

Grandma Fu looked around. She made sure that no one else was around, before she whispered, “What you just said … was about Weiwei right?”

Fu Shiqin nodded vigorously. “Grandma, you are truly brilliant. Your eyes are like torches, you can see through everything …”

Grandma Fu smiled with satisfaction and proudly said, “I knew it. My foresight wasn’t bad.”


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PS: Etereal edited this chapter :D, Chapter 41-51 has been fixed. The one who attended the dinner party and likes Meng Ruya is Mrs Fu/Madam Fu, Fu Hanxi and Fu Shiqin’s mother. In chapter 50 and 51, the one who is eating and likes Mu Weiwei is Grandma Fu.

PPS : Me and Etereal have problem with Mrs. Fu, before I thought there’s only one person, So I use Grandma Fu almost in all chapter but from chapter 49, is feels wrong, Fu Shiqin sometimes call her ‘Mom’ and ‘Madam Fu’.
Temporary just use this Translation 🙂 😂

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