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Sweet Pampering 55

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Hidden Marriage Sweet Pampering: The Conglomerate’s Little Wife ( 隐婚甜宠:大财阀的小娇妻)

Author(s): Helan Yang Yang
Translator: CubbyFox
Editor: Etereal

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Chapter 55

Gu Weiwei already removed his tie. She raised her hands and threw the tie to the ground. Then, she continued to unbutton his shirt.

“In the end, don’t you just want to sleep with me?”

Fu Hanxi grabbed her hands and stopped her movements.

Gu Weiwei looked up at him and said, “How many times do you want do it before you will let me go? Five times? Ten times?”

After all, it’s because she slept with him that night.  Hence, having experienced it once and he started to be interested in her body.

Fu Hanxi slowly loosened her hands. His slender fingers gently lifted her chin. His pursed thin lips opened slightly to kiss the girl’s delicate and beautiful lips.  Their lips entangled …

The quiet living room was gradually filled with the sound of gasping. The atmosphere gradually became alluring.

The overbearing and passionate breath of the man pervaded all of her senses, as if he wanted to encroach on her soul. He kissed her so much that her tongue became numb …

Unwittingly, she was already pressed onto the sofa from the position of being seated on his lap.

The man’s warm lips released her lips that became red and moist from kissing. He continued to carefully and sweetly kiss her eyebrows, eyelids and the tip of her nose. He was gentle, as if caring for the most precious treasure …

She resisted and turned her head away, but the man nibbled her small earlobe. His thin lips gently kissed along her cheeks. A deep voice clearly permeated into her ears.

“You think that after five times or ten times, you can get rid of me?”

Gu Weiwei tilted her head to look at Fu Hanxi’s deep and mysterious eyes. She taunted him,

“So, you want to take care of me for a long time?”

It was unknown when the man‘s usually cold and deep eyes carried a trace of light. At this moment, it was clear and glimmering like fine vintage wine. With one look, it can make people intoxicated.

“Mu Weiwei, what I want … is for a lifetime.”

“A lifetime is too long. Even if you aren’t sick of it, I’ll be sick of it.” Gu Weiwei shifted her head away, and didn’t dare to look into his eyes.

The light in Fu Hanxi’s eyes slightly dimmed. It faintly carried a bit of anger.

“So, three years is good enough. You gave me a home and a car, and I will sleep with you.” Gu Weiwei ignored the anger in his eyes and continued to speak.

Fu Hanxi looked at her and said one word at a time,

“What I want isn’t this.”

“Then, what do you want?” Gu Weiwei snorted and coldly mocked, “Do you want me to like you and fall in love with you?”

Fu Hanxi: “Can’t you?”

“In the beginning, you kicked me out of the Fu family. Now that I’m gone, you want me to come back?” Gu Weiwei coldly mocked and snorted, “I’m sorry. I was kicked far away. I won’t return.”

Fu Hanxi was speechless and was unable to retort her words. It was him who pushed her away, and now he wants her to stay by his side.

Having such conflicting thoughts were probably the first time in his life.

Gu Weiwei impatiently shrugged her shoulders and urged him.

“If you want to do it, then hurry. I took off my clothes, it’s very cold.”

As soon as she finished speaking, Fu Hanxi immediately carried her and walked to her room.

Gu Weiwei clenched her teeth. Although, she was the one who removed her clothes and the one who suggested it. Now that they will actually be doing it, she started to feel nervous again.

After all, Mu Weiwei was the one who slept with him. She didn’t sleep with him.

Even if she was in a relationship with Gu Si Ting, it was obstructed by Mother Gu and the Gu family.

They only progressed to the stage of hugs and kisses. They never dared to step over to the next stage.

Therefore, she really has no experience in sexual matters.

Fu Hanxi placed her on the bed. He pulled the blanket over to cover her, revealing only her head.

“Weiwei, don’t challenge my patience again.”


Gu Weiwei blinked her eyes. He decided not to sleep with her?

“Don’t let me see you entangled in a relationship with another man.”

After speaking, Fu Hanxi got up and left.

Gu Weiwei lied on the bed, and heard the apartment door open and closed. She sighed in relief.

This guy, what was he trying to do in the end?

She stripped until like this, and he was obviously wanted it. Yet, he just placed her on the bed and left?

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      1. Yea, he seems to have forgotten he smashed Mu Wei Wei’s head during the drugging incident (not just the rough ‘ride’) …. so besides kicking her out and being rude to her, he would have a lot to make up for (since Mu Wei wei would not have died to give Gu Wei Wei’s soul another chance if he hadn’t been so brutal) …..

  1. Est-ce que quelqu’un pourrait m’expliquer la relation de Wei Wei avec la faille Gu, son frère/petit-amie. Ainsi que la relatio’nde sa meilleur amie avec la famille GU, sil-vous-plaît.
    Car c’est un peu confus.

    1. Gu WeiWei daughter of Gu Jia (Headfamily Gu)
      Gu WeiWei used to date Gu Shizen A.k.a Gu Shi Ting (Distant family, still can married)

      But Gu Shi Ting cheated with Ling Xiao

      Now Gu WeiWei is in Mu Weiwei’s body, Crazy girl that love Fu Hanxi

      Fu Hanxi hate original Mu WeiWei and love ‘New’ Mu Weiwei (Gu WeiWei)

    2. Gu WeiWei fille de Gu Jia (Famille Gu)
      Gu WeiWei utilisé pour dater Gu Shizen A.k.a Gu Shi Ting

      Mais Gu Shi Ting a trompé Ling Xiao

      Maintenant, Gu WeiWei est dans le corps de Mu Weiwei, fille folle qui aime Fu Hanxi

      Fu Hanxi déteste le Mu WeiWei original et aime ‘New’ Mu Weiwei (Gu WeiWei)

  2. It was obviously gu wei wei who involuntarily slept with fu han xi but now she is thinking it was wu wei wei

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