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Sweet Pampering 56

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Hidden Marriage Sweet Pampering: The Conglomerate’s Little Wife ( 隐婚甜宠:大财阀的小娇妻)

Author(s): Helan Yang Yang
Translator : CubbyFox
Editor : Etereal

Chapter 56

At the apartment’s underground garage.

Fu Shiqin’s heart was in a dilemma. He wanted to leave immediately, but he also wanted to go up to see the situation.

Then, he saw that Fu Hanxi who walked over from the direction of the elevator.

However, he wasn’t wearing his jacket, his necktie was even missing. A few buttons near his collarbone were unbuttoned.

When the normally cold and serious image changed, his entire being elude… a sense of unfulfilled desires.

Fu Hanxi got into the car and said, “Let’s return to the villa.”

Fu Shiqin turned around and looked at the person in the back seat strangely. When he first entered the apartment, He was clean and neatly dressed.

Now, he came out with his clothes in a mess. Something must have happened just now.

However, if something really did happened, he only came down for half an hour. His older brother … can’t be that fast right?


Fu Hanxi leaned against the back of the seat.  As he returned from a long journey, he looked somewhat tired.

Fu Shiqin obediently drove out from the apartment. On the way, he kept looking at the man behind from time to time using the rear view mirror.

“Brother, towards Weiwei ……are you serious?”

Previously, he thought that his brother was only interested in Mu Weiwei’s body. However, based on today, it doesn’t seem to be just that.

Could it be? His heart was really moved?

“Yes.” Fu Hanxi faintly responded.

At first, he thought that after he established a connection with her, he started to desire her body.

However, he gradually realized that he wanted more than that.

When she previously lived at the Fu house for a few months, he obviously didn’t have a trace of such thoughts.

However, from the time that she left Tianshui Villa (Fu house) and met her again, there was a crazy thought in the depths of his soul. There was always a voice telling him.

This is the person he wants, it is her.

Fu Shiqin glanced at him from the rear view mirror. “Then … why did you still come down?”

Your clothes were already undone till state. Yet, you didn’t stay overnight, and returned to Tianshui Villa.

“She doesn’t like me,” Fu Hanxi said.

“How is that possible? The way she looked at you previously is like how dogs looking at bones with both eyes shining.” Fu Shiqin did not believe it.

Now, she is indifferent to her brother. It must be a passionate chase followed by a release strategy to hook his brother. Now, she successfully caught his brother.

Fu Hanxi opened his eyes and looked at the dark night outside the window. “It is true.”

He could tell from her gaze that she really does not like him.

He even feels that… she is in love with another man that he doesn’t know.

Fu Shiqin looked at his own blood-related older brother from the rear view mirror. In his heart, he really wanted to say something.

My older brother, in the beginning, you push her away. Now, you want her to come back and fall in love with you.

For you to slap your own face like this, is it really appropriate?

When the two of them returned to Tianshui Villa, it was already very late. Fu Hanxi directly returned to his room and rest.

Fu Shiqin just finished his bath and laid down on his bed. He then heard his phone ring. He took it out and saw that it is a WeChat message from Fu Jia Lao San (Fu family’s 3rd young master), Fu Shizhen.

Billion: I just called you. Dad said that our brother fell in love with a girl.

Billion: Is that true?

Fu Shiqin thought about it. In their family, Fu Shizhen is the one who has dated the most number of girlfriends and has the most experience in love. Hence, he asked: What if the girl doesn’t like our brother? What should he do?

Billion: With our brother’s prestige and face value, there is still a girl who doesn’t like him? Which planet does she come from?

Fu Shiqin: Don’t talk nonsense. Now, how can we help him to pursue her?

Billion: How do I know?

Fu Shiqin: You have so many girlfriends. Yet, you don’t know how to woo a girl?

Billion:  =D It was the girls who chased after me.

Fu Shiqin: Scram!! !

Billion: First, explained me what happened?

Fu Shiqin thought about it. It was a long story, so he directly sent a voice message to briefly explain the situation between their brother and Mu Weiwei.

Billion: Basically, her heart changed after that night?

Billion: (→ _ →) She was obviously not satisfied with our brother’s performance that night. Our brother’s long rifle hasn’t been used for many years. It could be a little rusty.

Fu Shiqin: … I also suspected that.

The Great Demon King: Really?

Fu Shiqin was so scared that he dropped his phone. When he picked up his phone and checked again, he realised that there were three people in the WeChat group.

Fu Shizhen, him and … “The Great Demon King”, Fu Hanxi.


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ED: Fu Shizhen’s name can also be read as shiyi, aka 1 billion.

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