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Sweet Pampering 57

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Chapter 57
Hidden Marriage Sweet Pampering: The Conglomerate’s Little Wife ( 隐婚甜宠:大财阀的小娇妻)

Author(s): Helan Yang Yang
Translator : CubbyFox
Editor : Etereal

For some reason, he began to feel that the entire villa was filled with a muderous aura.

Fu Shiqin hurriedly called Fu Shizhen and said, “Are you sick? Why did you talk in the group?”

Fu Shizhen: “I still want to live. I decided not to go home after filming. Second brother, take care of yourself.”

“Fu Lao san, it was you who said it first!” Fu Shiqin roared. ( TL : Fu Laosan = Fu 3rd brother)

They were obviously twin brothers. He stayed in the company from dawn to dusk to work like an ox, but his younger brother joined the entertainment industry to be a celebrity. He was happy and carefree.

“However, didn’t you also have the same thought.” Fu Shizhen pondered about it and felt that someone was pitiful, so he said,

“Otherwise, you can hug our future sister-in-law’s thighs. Our brother likes her. The only one who can save you is her.”

“You want me to help you to shoulder your crime, isn’t it…?”

“Second brother, fighting!”

After Fu Shizhen said finished, he hung up the phone and turned it off directly.

Fu Shiqin was so angry that he almost dropped his phone. In this life, his biggest misfortune was that he was born one minute earlier than Fu Shizhen.

From young till now, Fu shizhen relied on the fact that he was the youngest and dumped all his problems on him.

Throughout the night, he stared at the phrase, “Really?” in the WeChat group.

For some unknown reason, he had a feeling that he will not be able to see the sunrise tomorrow.

Hence, when the sun just rised, he drove quickly to Jinxiu apartment.

Gu Weiwei, who also didn’t sleep well, opened the door with sleepy eyes.

Fu Shiqin carried large and small bags in and placed each item on the table.

“This is Ding Fengyuan’s steamed dumplings, Shumai (ED: Chinese pork dumplings), seafood porridge, hand squeezed fresh juice, and the gift that my brother brought back. I brought it over on his behalf.”

Gu Weiwei was no longer sleepy. She crossed her arms and looked at the person who came early in the morning to show his attentiveness. “Tell me, what happened?”

Fu Shiqin placed his hands together in a begging motion, just short of kneeling down.

“Please save me!”

Gu Weiwei’s eyebrows furrowed, “What in the world happened?”

Fu Shiqin smiled. “My brother felt unhappy after returning home last night. Can you please go on a date with him or something like that?”

Thus, the root cause was that she went on a date yesterday with another man to watch a musical.

Gu Weiwei: “I’m not free. I won’t go on a date.”

What relationship does she have with Fu Hanxi? What date is there?

Fu Shiqin placed the beautifully decorated box down and said.

“Hey, my brother went on a business trip and didn’t forget to buy a present for you. Can you have a bit of conscience?”

“I’m sorry. I really don’t have a conscience.” Gu Weiwei snorted.

“You … If you don’t agree, then you can’t eat the breakfast.”

Fu Shiqin was upset, and took away the breakfast he brought.

“Take that thing away too.” Gu Weiwei pointed at the gift on the table.

“This is my brother’s gift to you. If you want to return it, please return it to him yourself.” Fu Shiqin said finished, and left with the breakfast he delieved.

Fu Shiqin went down and sat in the car. His head leaned against the steering wheel.

Initially, his brother was unhappy because Mu Weiwei went on a blind date. Fu shizhen and him also suspected that his brother’s long rifle was rusty. Today, he felt that he will lose his life at work.

As he was so anxious that his heart couldn’t calm down, Grandma Fu called him.

“Shiqin, did you guys go to the apartment recently to cause trouble for Weiwei?

Fu Shiqin’s eyes suddenly had a glimmer of light and he changed his voice to an ‘obedient grandchild’ tone.

“Grandma, it’s nothing. She just had a small dispute with my brother. Grandma, can you please ask her to invite my brother for a meal, or a walk, or something like that? The two of them should improve their relationship.”

How could he have forgotten? He can’t persuade Mu Weiwei.

However, his grandmother can persuade her. In the whole Fu family, Mu Weiwei is the most obedient to his grandmother.

Grandma Fu thought for a moment, “Okay, I will go to school to meet her in the afternoon.”

“You must convince her, or your grandson’s life won’t last long.” Fu Shiqin cried.

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