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Sweet Pampering 61

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Chapter 61
Hidden Marriage Sweet Pampering: The Conglomerate’s Little Wife ( 隐婚甜宠:大财阀的小娇妻)

Author(s): Helan Yang Yang
Translator : CubbyFox
Editor : Etereal


ED: The chapter is now editted. 😀


As soon as Fu Shiqin walked into the living room, he saw the two people in the kitchen. His face looked stunned as if he seen a ghost and he foolishly stood there.

Two hours ago, he saw that his brother was still cold as hell at the company, as he abuse him and all the company’s executives till they were crying and shouting for their parents. Now, he was… washing dishes.

From head to toe, his entire being was undulating with the gentleness of the spring.

The most terrifying thing was that the two of them actually wore couple aprons.

His brother’s apron was grey, and there was a cute pink rabbit at the chest.

Mu Wei was wearing a pink apron with a grey rabbit at the chest.

“What… is this situation?” Fu Shiqin could not believe his eyes.

“Your brother is in the midst of chasing Weiwei?” asked Grandma Fu in a whisper.

Fu Shiqin nodded. Even the blind could tell that his brother was chasing Weiwei.

If he knew that this would happen, why would he act like that in the past?

In the past, he looked down on Weiwei. Now, he obediently turned around to chase her.

Cold and indifferent for a moment, but chase their wife so fervently like the fire in a crematorium. This phrase descripts people like his brother.

At noon, he asked him if he was angry because of Mu Weiwei. His brother’s face was cold and impassive, as he denied it.

However, a call from her caused him to drop everything and return.

In the past, why didn’t he realised that his brother actually had a smothering and coy heart?  (ED: Mensao.)

In the kitchen, Gu Weiwei was stir-frying vegetables and Fu Hanxi was very cooperative. He carried a plate to hold the vegetables.

Fu Hanxi’s gaze started to become conscious of the girl who was busy. His normally cold, black pupils had a trace of light. His smile was overflowing with sweetness and a hidden possessiveness.

He thought to himself that he could be sure that this girl… is the one he wants.

The dishes were quickly placed on the table. Most of the dishes were cooked by Fu Hanxi and instructed by Gu Weiwei.

Fu Shiqin couldn’t wait and ate a spoonful of his long coveted paella. The rice soaked in the soup was fragrant and delicious. It was so delicious that it make him want to cry in happiness.

He was very happy to eat. His brother joyfully him gave a shrimp and even gave one to Grandma Fu.

Fu Shiqin was so flattered that he looked up in surprise. He has ate together at the same table with his brother for more than twenty years. However, this was the first time.

When he was about to cry from being moved by this bit of brotherly love, he saw that his brother peeled the shells from the shrimps and removed the shells from the oysters and scallops lovingly.

Then… he gave them all to Gu Weiwei. He was only short of feeding it directly to her mouth. Gu Weiwei received a large plate of seafood flesh. She also politely repaid the courtesy by giving him a few mussels.

“Please eat. You don’t need to peel it for me.”

Grandma Fu saw this with her eyes and was happy in her heart.

Her cool and indifferent eldest grandchild was finally enlightened.

As they were eating, Fu Hanxi’s mobile phone that he placed in the living room rang. Thus, he got up and picked up the call. After receiving the call, his peaceful and soft expression reverted back to his usual cold and serious expression in an instant.

“The company has no obligation to help a staff member settle their personal matters.”

“Mrs. Meng is just a company employee. She has no personal relations with me. Don’t misunderstand and also don’t do anything that make other people misunderstand.”


Mu Weiwei heard and glanced at him. Based on what he said, she could already guess that Mrs. Fu (Mother Fu) had called. She should be asking him to arrange for someone to solve Meng Ruya and MG’s incident.

However, Meng Ruya said before that Fu Hanxi has settle many problem for them. He has also never declined her requests.

However, what happened today? Mrs. Fu, his mother requested it, but he still would not do it.

Fu Hanxi noticed her gaze. He turned his head to look at her and said.

“Well, when the time is right, I will let you meet them.”

Fu Shiqin heard this sentence, could not help but look at Gu Weiwei.

So what he means is that when the right time has arrived, he will bring her home to show them.

He just said that he doesn’t want other people to misunderstand. It seems that he just don’t want her to misunderstand him.

Fu Hanxi hung up the phone and returned to his seat, and asked casually.

“That day you had a conflict with the people of the Meng family?”

“Yes, I quarrelled with her and broke Mrs. Meng’s luxurious bag. I originally wanted to pay for it, but MG customer service said that the bag were not sold by them. It was a private design of Martin Green after he signed on to be the Gu family’s personal designer. The people there may want to ask for compensation from Mrs. Meng…” Gu Weiwei said lightly.

“Did you eat any loss?” Fu Hanxi asked.

“How is that possible? I am not a person who is willing to lose.” Gu Weiwei smiled and said proudly.

Fu Hanxi nodded lightly. “That’s good.”

Fu Shiqin looked at his brother, and laughed.

That’s right. If she didn’t eat a lost, then no matter how pitiful the other people is, it’s not important.


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