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Sweet Pampering 62

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Chapter 62
Hidden Marriage Sweet Pampering: The Conglomerate’s Little Wife ( 隐婚甜宠:大财阀的小娇妻)

Author(s): Helan Yang Yang
Translator : CubbyFox
Editor :  Etereal
ED: This chapter is now edited.

After dinner, Fu Shiqin accompanied Grandma Fu upstairs to the car first.

Fu Hanxi went into the study room to answer a work related call. He saw the unopened gift on the table. His face seemed to show a trace of loneliness.

After hanging up the phone, he directly opened the gift and took out the ruby ​​necklace inside.

Gu Weiwei was washing the dishes in the kitchen. A necklace suddenly dropped from above her head. When she reacted, the necklace was already worn on her neck by the man who was standing behind her.

The girl’s white, jade-like skin in contrast, made the ruby seem especially bright and dazzling.

“It’s very beautiful when you wear it. Just take it as…a thank you gift for tonight’s dinner.”

Gu Weiwei looked down to see it. She was about to take it off, but her hands was caught by Fu Hanxi.

“I don’t want it.”

Living in the Gu family, she has seen many extravagant items. She obviously could tell the value of this gem with one glance.

“This is a very rare gem from country B. The people there say that if a man meets the girl he loves and gives her this ruby. That girl will be together with him till their hair turn white.”

Fu Hanxi’s eyes shinned with overflowing and undisguised love at this moment. His deep and sexy voice was like voice of the devil tempting people.

“…” Gu Weiwei blinked her eyes.

This… This is a confession, right?

When she was frustrated and thinking about how to return the necklace, Fu Hanxi lowered his head and kissed her forehead.

“We will go back first. You should rest early.”

“Hey, wait a minute…”

Gu Weiwei wasn’t able to take off the necklace in time, when Fu Hanxi had already called Fu Shiqin and left.

When Gu Weiwei successfully took off the necklace, he was already gone. She looked down at the ruby ​​necklace in her hand and the bottom of her eyes flashed with a trace of dejection.

The mountainous region of B which produces this red gem, was once the territory of a lord. The lord fell in love with a lady who was about to marry into the royal family. He used this ruby ​​to court the lady.

After many twists and turns, the lord finally married his beloved woman. They were together until their hair turned white.

Therefore, the rich nobles of Country B have regarded this kind of ruby ​​as a token of courtship.

A few years ago, Gu Si Ting also gave her a ruby ​​necklace.

The ruby that symbolizes love also did not help them to in love and in staying together.

After she died and was given a new life, she fell to the Gu family’s enemy, Fu Hanxi’s side and tread on thin ice.

He transplanted her heart to Ling Xiao. Their rumours on the internet were too numerous.


At the Li’s house.

Li Xiner rarely did not inform her family and came back. Zhou Meiqin’s younger brother, Zhou Hong and his wife, Wang Fen came to the Li’s house as guests. The family prepared a table full of dishes. They waited for Zhou Meiqin and Li Jiacheng to return home to celebrate the upcoming movie appearance of Li Xiner as the female lead, as well as the major partnership between the Longsheng group and Tiansheng group.

Zhou Meiqin went on a “business trip” for a few days and returned home. Wang Fen (her sister-in law) warmly welcomed her and served her the freshly cooked sweet soup.

“Elder sister, why did you hastily went on a business trip? Everyone is waiting for you to come back to celebrate together.”

“What is so good to celebrate?” Zhou Meiqin said with cold voice.

“To be able to use Mu Weiwei that stinky girl to exchange for such an important movie resource for Xiner, and also let the company sign such a large contract. Of course, we must celebrate.” Wang Fen said with a laugh.

Zhou Hong (little brother) is in the Longsheng group and is also the person in charge of this project. For this contract to be a success, she is obviously very happy.

“Previously, when that stinky girl was still in school. She shamed our Linna in front of so many people in the school. Wait till the school’s teachers and students know what she does now. We will see if she is shameless enough to continue to attend school…”

“Enough!” Zhou Meiqin directly threw the bowl of sweet soup to the ground. She coldly glared at Wang Fen and said, “No one is allowed to say anything about this. I will tear off your mouths.”

“If we say it, what can happen? Are you worried that she will be favoured by Wang Dong and take revenge on us? Wang Weidong is famous for liking only the new and hating the old. It will not be long before he gets tired of her…”

“I said that no one is to spread the news. If you won’t listen, then go back to your hometown.” Zhou Meiqin gnashed her teeth.

That night, Wang Weidong did not defiled Mu Weiwei but her.

She was full of injuries, but she didn’t dare to come back and she didn’t dare to tell anyone.  She has been hiding for so many days outside. When she came back, they even wanted to celebrate. To celebrate her being defiled by Wang Weidong, the old pervert?

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