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Sweet Pampering 63

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Chapter 63
Hidden Marriage Sweet Pampering: The Conglomerate’s Little Wife ( 隐婚甜宠:大财阀的小娇妻)

Author(s): Helan Yang Yang
Translator : CubbyFox
Editor : Etereal
ED: This chapter is now editted.

Wang Fen (Zhou Linna’s mother) and Zhou Linna glanced at each other and knew that she (Zhou Meiqin) was not to be offended.

They said, “We understand. We will not talk about it.”

“Why are you still protecting that girl? She has already climbed onto Wang Dong’s bed. What’s wrong if we talk about it?” Grandma Li saw that Zhou Meiqin got angry for no apparent reason and said as she walked out from the kitchen.

Initially, Mu Longsheng (Mu Weiwei Grandpa’s) wanted to pass on the company to that stinky girl. Her son took great pains to run the company, yet it was to be passed on to her in the end.

Now, God was finally fair. Mu Longsheng, that old guy is dead and Mu Yao (Mu Weiwei’s mother) also died in a car accident. Only that stinky girl was left. At least her vixen face had a bit of use.

“Right, Mom. Why do you still care for Mu Weiwei?” Li Xiner also complained.

Zhou Meiqin was angry and filled with hatred. She clenched her teeth and said, “In Wang Dong’s family, there is still a powerful person. Now, the contract has just been signed. In the future, there are still many occasions to interact with the Tiansheng group. If you say it and let Wang Dong’s wife find out about it. When that time comes, who will be responsible for it?

Furthermore, Xiner will become more famous after entering the movie industry. If this matter becomes big, the paparazzi will dig up the news. This will become blackmail material. What use is there to spread it around, just for a moment of happiness from saying it? ”

Grandma Li understood the seriousness of the matter, she agreed wholeheartedly and nodded. She said, “Yes, you are right. This definitely cannot be spread out. If not, it will really become a big problem.”

“All of you must seal your mouths. Don’t cause us any trouble.” Zhou Meiqin warned several people severely.

She was the one who was on Wang Weidong’s bed that night. Mu Weiwei, that stinky girl also took pictures of them on the bed.

If her family happily spreads rumours about it and cornered Mu Weiwei to take out those photos. Then, she will be done for.

Hence, before she catches her and retrieve those photos, no one is allowed to talk about it.

Otherwise, she as the vice president of the Longsheng Group will become the laughing stock of the whole company. Even if Li Jiacheng loves her, he will not be able to accept this matter and continue to stay with her.

Moreover, in the past few years, the old lady was upset that the two children she gave birth to were both female. She complained that she did not give birth to a son for the Li family. If she knows about this matter, she will definitely cause trouble until they get a divorce.

“I got it. I understand.” Wang Fen also quickly reassured.

“Xiner, this phone is for you who got the role of the female lead. You must do your best to act well and get the Golden Phoenix Award. Otherwise…”

Otherwise, it really will be a wasted opportunity that she exchanged for suffering such humiliation.

“Mom, you can be at ease.” Li Xiner held her arm and said with confidence.

“I will definitely bring home the Golden Phoenix Award. When that happens, I will bring you to the awards ceremony. I will let you personally see me receive my award and become the youngest Golden Phoenix movie empress in China.”

She used two year to get the popularity and fame that other people who are in the industry for six to seven years may not have. However, it is not easy for a TV drama actor to transit to a movie actor.

Now that she has this opportunity, she certainly must not miss it. She must make her name known with this movie, in order to continue to survive in the movie industry.

Zhou Meiqin heard her daughter said that. Her angry and depressed mood these days changed slightly for the better, “Then, please prepare well for it. This is your first movie, you must make a big impact.”

“I understand. Let’s eat. I cooked your favourite dish. You are our family’s hero.” Li Xiner helped Zhou Meiqin to go to the living room.

Zhou Meiqin was originally not in the mood to have a celebration party with them. However, her daughter rarely comes home to eat dinner with her, she could only follow her wishes and go to the dining room with her.

She just sat down and did not even have time to pick up her chopsticks, before the phone rang again.

Caller ID: Director Wang Weidong.

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