Sweet Pampering

Sweet Pampering 64

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Chapter 64
Hidden Marriage Sweet Pampering: The Conglomerate’s Little Wife ( 隐婚甜宠:大财阀的小娇妻)

Author(s): Helan Yang Yang
Translator : CubbyFox
Editor : Ayanna

“You may eat first. I’ll go to the study room to pick up a call.”

Zhou Meiqin looked scared as she picked up her phone and went upstairs.

After going upstairs, she locked the study door and asked Wang Weidong, “Did you find that stinky girl?”

“I haven’t found her yet.” Wang Weidong smiled maliciously and said, “Why don’t… we meet up and talk about it.”

Although he has always liked young and inexperienced girls. Yet, having slept with someone else’s wife by accident, he felt that it was rather thrilling.

Zhou Meiqin especially has a well maintained figure and has a lot more to offer than those unconscious little girls.

“We have no reason to meet!” Zhou Meiqin could tell the meaning behind his words. She was so angry that she was shaking.

“Mrs. Li (Zhou Meiqin), even if we not husband and wife in reality, but we were a couple in bed…” Wang Weidong smiled. His tone was light, as if there was no scruple between his words.

“Wang Weidong, you’d better catch the stinky girl quickly, otherwise there would be problems for us!” Zhou Meiqin felt so disgusted that she felt like vomiting. Yet, Mu Weiwei was no where to be found, so she could only endure and continue to contact him.

“What you are you afraid of? Even if the Li family found out about it, aren’t you better off with me than with Li Jiacheng?” Wang Weidong’s words were calm as usual.

“Wang Dong, if your wife and your father-in-law knew about these things, do you think that you can still stay in the Tiansheng group?” Zhou Meiqin clenched her teeth and warned, “If my life get ruined, I will take you down with me.”

When Wang Weidong heard her grasp his weakness, he could only restrain himself.

The reason that he could be in this position in the Tiansheng group is all because he married the daughter of Tiansheng group’s CEO. If this problem comes to the surface, his good and easy life will come to an end.

“It’s strange. I already assigned a few groups of people to search for her, but no one has reported if they found her. They either quit or went missing.” Wang Weidong thought for a moment and asked, “Does that little devil have some backing?”

“What kind of backing can she still have? Mu Longsheng (Mu Weiwei Grandpa’s) and Mu Yao (Mu Weiwei mother’s) are already dead. Who else can be her backing? The people you assigned are too incapable. They can’t even catch a teenage girl!”

Zhou Meiqin thought of the humiliation that she had suffered that night, and she wished that she could immediately crush Mu Weiwei into smithereens.

Wang Weidong listened to her and did not believe it. His tone was a little imposing, “This is really too strange. The people I sent aren’t just some amateurs, it is impossible for them not to be able to catch her. Someone is definitely helping her from the shadows. Otherwise, those people will not have left the money behind, and even leave the city.”

“Impossible, what kind of backing could she still have?” Zhou Meiqin thought about it carefully, but still couldn’t think of anyone who would help Gu Weiwei.

However, the Mu Weiwei who schemed against them in the hotel previously seems completely different from the ignorant, little girl that she used to know.

Now she still holds the photos from that day. With every day that she can’t find her to get back the photos, the more unease she feels.

She spends so much effort and time to gain today’s status and achievements. It can’t be so easily destroyed because of that little girl.

“Those people quit and left without saying anything. Obviously, the other person is an impressive figure. You have better not cause me to provoke someone who I should not have because of this…” Wang Weidong admonished.

Although he is perverted, he is not stupid. It is impossible for the people he sent not to be able to catch that little girl.

Hence, there must be some forces working behind the scene.

“She is just a teenage girl. If she really has some backing, they would have appeared earlier to take revenge for her.” Zhou Meiqin said. Then, someone knocked at the door and she lowered her voice.

“Find someone more reliable to catch her. If not, I can also pay for it.”

That stinky girl made her suffer so much shame and insult, how could she let her go so easily.Cubbyfox: Please, Visit me and leave a comment to Cubbyfox[Dot]site.

PS : Thanks a lot for my Editor Etereal and Aruita, they help me make it better Translation 🙂

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