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Sweet Pampering 66

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Chapter 66
Hidden Marriage Sweet Pampering: The Conglomerate’s Little Wife ( 隐婚甜宠:大财阀的小娇妻)

Author(s): Helan Yang Yang
Translator : CubbyFox
Editor : lancey

Zhou Linna heard Ji Cheng mentioned the “Will-o’-the-wisp” song that made her famous because she lost to Mu Weiwei, and glanced at the people in the classroom.

Sure enough, she looked at Weiwei, who was stretching her eyes with eyes full of hatred.

Zhu Xiaoqin listened to the provocative words, and snarled coldly, “Linna was rushing to the radio station to do a show that day. It is not like she can’t play that song. What’s there to be proud?”

“Okay, that day you were in a hurry, but today you’re not in a hurry.” Ji Cheng crossed her arms and looked straight at Zhou Linna, provoking her. “Then you can play it in front of everyone here to prove that you can play it.”

At that time, Linna was so scared that her hands were shaking so badly that it could almost generate wind. She still has the guts to say that she didn’t play the song because she was rushing to do a show and not because she could not play it.

The music teacher, Ye Mei heard it and immediately changed the topic. “Well, today, Linna is here to search for dancers for her MV. Linna also invited her cousin from the imperial captial’s ballet group to teach the MV dancers. This is also a rare opportunity for all of you.”

Since that day, Linna has been practicing at home everyday but the “Will-o’-the-wisp” was a super hard song that requires superb skills. Based her skill level, she still couldn’t play it.

The vice-principal also followed up to persuade the students. “The dance classroom will be used for rehearsal and filming in the near future. You can join in and also rehearse, and you can also participate in the MV. This is a very good opportunity.”

“The dance classroom will be taken over?” Teacher Liu looked at all the students in the classroom.

“They will taking the exam next month. At the start, they don’t have much time to practise. If you use the classroom, where will they go to practise?”

“If you aren’t willing to stay to practise for the MV, then you can go home to practise.” Zhu Xiaoqin proudly said that and stood beside Zhou Linna.

Now Linna is an icon of Yingcheng High School. Of course, everything is prioritized according to Zhou Linna’s wishes.

“This is the dance classroom, not the music classroom, and this is definitely not Zhou Linna’s house. On what basis, can you just occupy what you want?”

Ji Cheng gave a big slap to the vice principal and music teacher who treated Zhou Linna as if she were a princess.

“Do you have the ability to sign a contract with a record company like Linna? If you don’t have the ability, why are you using the classroom?”

Zhu Xiaoqin is Zhou Linna’s best friend. Of course she will use all of her strength to defend her.

The students in the dance class were extremely angry. They studied for two to three years just for the next month’s art test. Now, at such a critical time, they have to give her their classroom, and they have no other place to practice.

“My cousin is Zheng Yuan, and she soon she will be promoted to be the head of the imperial capital’s ballet group. It will be your honour to get her guidance. She will go abroad for a performance next month.”

Zhou Linna proudly glanced at the people in the dance class and said, “This kind of opportunity does not come by everyday.”

The new song is about dreams. She needed a group of young dance students. The dance is elegant and energetic, so the students of modern ballet are the most suitable for her song.

The company said that she can choose the students from the school. In this way, it will meet the main theme of young dreams and it can also be used as a promotion song for Yingcheng High School.

However, these people were so ignorant that they even rejected such a good opportunity.

She just finished speaking when a young woman with a very gentle appearance entered the classroom. She saw Zhou Linna and greeted her.


“Sister Yuan, you came.” Zhou Linna enthusiastically hugged her and proudly said to the people in the classroom, “This is Zheng Yuan, she will be promoted to the chief of the Imperial capital’s ballet group. She will go to the Royal ballet troupe to study next month. I personally invited her to teach everyone here to dance. It is a rare opportunity. Not everyone can get her guidance.”

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