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Sweet Pampering 67

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Chapter 67

Hidden Marriage Sweet Pampering: The Conglomerate’s Little Wife ( 隐婚甜宠:大财阀的小娇妻)

Author(s): Helan Yang Yang
Translator : CubbyFox
Editor : lancey


Gu Weiwei saw Zheng Yuan came in and a flashback of some bad memories came to mind.

Zheng Yuan can be counted as Mu Wei’s cousin. She is the daughter of Li Jiacheng’s sister, Li Jiaqing. From young, she was very competitive.

When Mu Weiwei was still a child, she was quite talented in music and dance. When she was a child, she learned ballet with Zheng Yuan.

Yet, in an important dance competition years ago, little Mu Weiwei originally had high hopes to win the contest. However, Zheng Yuan sabotaged Mu Weiwei’s dance shoes before the competition which seriously injured Mu Weiwei’s feet.

In that contest, Zheng Yuan won the championship as she wished and entered the imperial capital’s ballet group, and and it paved the way for her to have a smooth path to today’s achievement, .

From young, when Mu Weiwei had something good, she wanted it.

If Mu Weiwei doesn’t give it to her, she will break it.

If she can’t get it, she doesn’t want Mu Weiwei to have it.

Moreover, she also snatched Mu Weiwei’s friend, Wei Ziqi’s boyfriend.

Wei Ziqi went abroad with a sad heart and had lost contact with Mu Wei for many months.

“Teach us?” Gu Weiwei smiled coldly. “Are you sure you have the skills?”

Zheng Yuan heard her voice and saw that she smiled contemptuously. “At least the qualification to teach you is enough.”

When Mu Weiwei was still a child, she had great talent. However, after she injured her feet, she never learnt to properly dance again.

She is a member of the best ballet group in China, so with her strength she could already easily crush Weiwei.

“Mu Weiwei, if you are not convinced, you can compete with Zheng Yuan. It’s not like you didn’t learn ballet before anyway.” Zhou Linna said.

However, she was very clear that it’s been many years since Mu Weiwei learned  ballet. Later, she changed to folk dancing, and never danced ballet ever again.

Zheng Yuan glanced proudly at Gu Weiwei and the group of students in the dance class.

“It’s not good like this. It will look like I’m a professional dancer who’s bullying an amateur.”

Ji Cheng was so angry that she bit her teeth and shouted, “Weiwei is a piano student.  To compete with ballet? If you have the capability, why don’t you compete with her in piano.”

Using her strengths and profession to compete with someone’s weakness, she is really shameless.

“Didn’t she say that Zheng Yuan does not have the ability to teach her? Now, you don’t dare to compete with her?” Zhu Xiaoqin and a few of Zhou Linna’s fans sneered.

Gu Weiwei’s lips curved into a cold smile. For little Mu Weiwei’s hatred, she will make Zheng Yuan pay for it.

“Okay, Let’s compete with one match.”

“Weiwei!” Luo Qianqian approached, pulled her and whispered, “You never learned how to dance ballet professionally. It is too much of a disadvantage for you.”

If she could enter the best ballet group, and immediately go to the Royal ballet troup to study, she obviously had some ability.

“It doesn’t matter. I learned it by myself.” Gu Weiwei gave Luo Qianqian and Ji Cheng a reassuring look.

Zhou Linna didn’t expect that she would actually agree.

“Mu Weiwei, it’s your own decision. Don’t blame sister Zheng Yuan for bullying you.”

“If you lose, you will get out of this classroom.” Gu Weiwei said coldly.

Zhu Xiaoqin listened and said, “If you lose, you will be Linna’s temporary assistant for a month.  ”

During the piano match last time, Weiwei won. They already could not see eye to eye.

Now, she has a chance to put her down. Of course, she can’t miss it.

The music teacher, Ye Mei, looked at the situation and had a deeper scheme in her heart. She stood up and said, “Since we are competing, then we can have a live broadcast and use online voting. The person with the highest votes will be the winner.”

Linna’s new single will be releasing soon. Using this online voting, they can promote her name on the internet. After the match, they will announce that Linna’s MV will be choreographed by the chief of the best ballet group in China, Zheng Yuan.

That way, when the new music MV is released next month, it will definitely be very popular.

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