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Sweet Pampering 69

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Chapter 69
Hidden Marriage Sweet Pampering: The Conglomerate’s Little Wife ( 隐婚甜宠:大财阀的小娇妻)

Author(s): Helan Yang Yang
Translator : CubbyFox
Editor : lancey

After two hours, a lot of students came to see the show. The school’s hall looked very lively.

In order to get a good live broadcast, the principal and Zhou Linna contacted the studio recording company who signed Zhou Linna in order to get professionals to shoot it live.

Zhou Linna and Zheng Yuan had already posted on their Weibo before the live broadcast began, so their fans will be on standby, and will be giving out their votes as soon as the match begins.

Ten minutes before the match of Zheng Yuan and Gu Weiwei, Zhou Linna performed a song onstage and earned popularity from the live broadcast.

[Isn’t she the winner of the Youth Contest?!]

[She is beautiful and talented. She is a Goddess]

[Goddess Lina is starting to show off again!]


After Zhou Linna finished playing, she got up and bowed, looking elegant and gorgeous.

“Thank you for watching the live broadcast today. To prepare for the MV for my new single, I’ve invited Zheng Yuan from the China Ballet Group to teach the choreography to the dancers. However, some people were not convinced of the dance skills of Zheng Yuan, so today we are holding a match to prove her skills. After watching, everyone can vote in the live broadcast room.”

On the barrage, it was alive.

[Wow, the goddess Linna wants to make a single. Super expectation!]

[Zheng Yuan entered the Imperial Ballet at the age of twelve, and they still refused to accept her?!]

[I’m waiting for the performance of Goddess Zheng]

[Which person did not accept our goddess Zheng?]


The live broadcast room was completely occupied by most of Zheng Yuan and Zhou Linna’s fans. Only a small part of the live broadcast platform came in. The rhythm of the barrage was completely controlled by Zhou Linna.

Auditorium backstage.

Zheng Yuan wore a white ballet dress and a delicate crown. She walked in proudly and raised her hands, looking noble and elegant.

Zhou Xiaoqin waited for Zhou Linna backstage, and there was only one other person who was here on the side.

“It’s almost time for the match. Are you subbing for Weiwei?” Xiaoqin taunted.

“She’s almost done. She’ll come later.” Ji Cheng snorted.

In fact, her heart was really panicking and she felt like dying.

Most of the audience supported Zhou Linna. She also watched the live broadcast and it’s full of fans of Zhou Linna and Zheng Yuan.

Although she already asked all of her friends to help vote, it’s just a small amount compared to Zheng Yuan’s supporters.

“I see. She’s scared and doesn’t dare show up!” Zhou Xiaoqin proudly shouted.

Last time, she played piano to get the limelight and now she’s saying that she’ll perform better than a professional dancer. Someone really think of herself as a versatile genius.

“I only remember someone unable to play “Will-o’-the-wisp” so they are shivering.” Ji Cheng sneered back without mercy.

Zhou Xiaoqin looked at Zheng Yuan, who was ready to go, and she had faith her friend will win for sure.

“Even if she doesn’t show up, tell her to get ready to become Linna’s temporary assistant.”

At that time, Ji Cheng was a bit affected.

While they were still arguing, Zhou Linna was ready to start playing the piano for the dance music background, and smiled happily to Zheng Yuan.

“Sister Yuan, are you ready?”

Zheng Yuan nodded and glanced at the people in front of her, sneering.

“It seems that someone has not dared to come.”

“Whether she comes or not, sister Yuan has to perform onstage, and now there are more than 10,000 people waiting to see you in the live broadcast.”

Zheng Yuan with her white skirt headed with light footsteps to the front, looking noble and elegant like a natural swan princess.

She had been practicing ballet for so many years. Whether it’s strength or skill onstage, it is already comparable to that of their current chief.

How can Weiwei compare to her?

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