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Sweet Pampering 71

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Chapter 71
Hidden Marriage Sweet Pampering: The Conglomerate’s Little Wife ( 隐婚甜宠:大财阀的小娇妻)

Author(s): Helan Yang Yang
Translator : CubbyFox
Editor : lancey                     Proofreader : stumblmer


Zhou Linna smiled coldly and put away her mobile phone. Thanks to her cousin Li Xiner, the number of votes they got rose several times after she posted it on her Weibo.

The live broadcast room was quickly occupied by Li Xiner’s fans.

Knowing that Zheng Yuan is a relative of Li Xiner, they mocked Gu Weiwei the black swan.

[Black swan is ugly!]

[Jumping so badly!]

[Black swan is ugly, white swan is better]

[An amateur competing with a professional. She’s looking to be abused]


Onstage, Gu Weiwei spun a little, kicked and jumped, all of which were almost perfect.

However, the live broadcast room was full of supporters of Zheng Yuan the white swan.

Zheng Yuan stood by and watched Gu Weiwei, her face becoming more and more ugly.

Ordinary people can’t see it but she knows that Gu Weiwei’s every movement is not inferior to hers as a professional dancer.

She had underestimated her strength.

Ji Cheng looked at the clear performance of Gu Weiwei onstage, but on the broadcast they all supported Zheng Yuan, and Zheng Yuan’s votes also soared.

Although a few rational passersby praised the black swan for doing a better jump, they were all drowned out by the noise of Li Xiner’s fans.

“Qian, how many people can your cousin give us?”

Luo Qianqian had a cousin who was a game host and his popularity was not bad.  The number of votes just now were because of him.

“I’m afraid there’s not that many.” Luo Qianqi clenched her teeth and whispered, “I am going to call my dad and take a look at his Weibo.”

“Well, go quickly then.” Ji Cheng nodded.

Qian’s dad is a relatively famous songwriter and several singers have performed the songs he wrote.

By using her dad’s Weibo to send a message to ask help for this match, they should be able to pull a lot of people.

Zhou Linna and Zhu Xiaoqin looked at Zheng Yuan’s votes which were several times higher than Gu Weiwei’s and laughed with satisfaction.

“Still not giving up? When you’re not able to get any votes, how can you catch up?”

“If you don’t rely on publicity but your own true strength, it’s not necessary to test who will win or lose by playing this game.” Ji Cheng said.

Her jump was no worse than Zheng Yuan’s slight jump. If not for Zheng Yuan’s reputation in the ballet troupe for so many years, there’s no way she would get the highest number of votes.

Now they have Li Xiner who’s in the entertainment circle and it’s really difficult for them to catch up with the number of votes.

While speaking, a boy with glasses entered the backstage and then saw Ji Cheng to quietly ask,

“Excuse me, where is student Mu Wei?”

Ji Cheng looked up and said, “Weiwei is onstage. Since you’re looking for her, take out your phone and vote for her.”

After she finished, she instructed the glasses man to vote for Gu Weiwei. One more vote is one more vote.

Zhu Xiaoqin looked at her who won’t even let go of one vote and laughed.

“For these votes, do you want me to lend my phone to vote for her?”

The glasses man rushed out and made a phone call backstage.

“Little Three (3rd little brother), she’s still in school but it seems she’s having a match against another person on live broadcast. They’re still voting.”

“What are you waiting for? Send the link to the live broadcast room to me!” The person at the other end of the phone screamed impatiently.

The glasses man rushed to hang up and also shared the link.

Luo Qianqian finished the phone call as the glasses man passed by and returned backstage. “My dad is in a meeting. I have to wait for half an hour to call him back.”

Ji Cheng said, “There are only ten minutes left before it ends.”

Zhou Linna smiled smugly and said to her side. “Xiao Qin, think about it and start to arrange work for our new temporary assistants tomorrow.”

Zhou Linna and Zhou Xiaoqin were eager to celebrate but the students in the dance class suddenly screamed excitedly.


“It’s up! The number of votes for the black swan has skyrocketed!

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